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If you weren’t a convert already, with all the chaos of weather, holidays and what that means to shipping – online gift cards are pretty clutch this year. Never more so, than when you’re able to hand someone a gift card for more than you paid for it, and thus appear more generous than you are.

Accor, the global brand behind Fairmont, Sofitel and a large array of stunning hotels has a sale on gift cards in the UK, and as an added incentive, you get more money than you pay, plus bonus points. Should you participate? Here’s what it all means.

Accor UK Gift Cards Sale

Accor is offering gift cards in UK denominations, and throwing in a bonus on top, as well as 1,000 Accor Points, which is another €20 of value. All Accor Points have a fixed value of 20 euro per 1,000. You don’t need to be in the UK to take advantage, anyone could buy for future stays in the UK, if there’s a visit planned within the next year.

The catch, which is pretty much the only catch – is that the gift card can only be spent at a hotel in the UK, and must be used within 1 year. Of course, Accor could extend the validity, if times warranted, but I wouldn’t count on it. The bonuses are staggered to offer up to 15% more, and go…

  • Spend £50, get a £55 voucher + 250 Points.
  • Spend £100, get a £110 voucher + 500 points.
  • Spend £150, get a £170 voucher + 750 points.
  • Spend £200, get a £230 voucher + 1000 points.
  • Spend £250, get a £290 voucher + 1500 points.

You can buy the gift cards at Accor.com.

a bedroom with a four poster bed

Obviously, the sweet spot is spending £250 and ending up with £40 more towards a stay, plus another €30 in points, which could also be used for that stay, or at a later time. It’s worth confirming that your preferred hotels are participating, but on GSTP’s search, every hotel seemed to be, including everything from an Ibis to the Savoy.

It’s somewhat vague, but the gift cards are usable for items other than hotel stays, including meals and spa treatments at the assorted hotels.

Accor makes it slightly confusing by saying the gift cards can be used for these things during a stay, but the main page makes no mention. The terms and conditions for gift card purchases state “ALL Gift Cards shall be used for any kind of services provided by an Accor participating hotel but shall always include one night in this hotel.”

Should You Bite?

If you’re going to spend the amount of money on the voucher within a year, without a doubt, then yes. You should totally get one. You’re getting more than you’re paying for, and can still take advantage of discounted room rates and sales as they come.

In other words, you can save on the stay by purchasing currency for payment at a discount, and then also wait for a mega sale or juicy offer to take the savings further. It’s never sad when you pay £250, get £290 and then get a hotel stay which should’ve cost more, in a great future sale.

Accor has everything in the UK from five star stunners to roadside hotels to get you through the night. If you’re dreaming of some pampering in 2021, the Sofitel or the Savoy in London are pretty darn good, and hotels in Scotland, and elsewhere in the UK are worth the trip. Weigh it out, then maybe play it out…

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  1. Been thinking about buying some vouchers but it looks like they have to be used to pay at the hotel, so wouldn’t be valid on a discounted pay in advance rate, but maybe I’m confused / Accor are being typically confusing?!

    1. Yep, being typically confusing. The current flexibility policies trump many of the advance rates, which means you should still be able to pay at hotel. It’s not a perfect science, for sure.

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