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Accor’s ALL Loyalty Program doesn’t get enough mention, and that’s a mistake. Well, it’s pretty much that way because Accor doesn’t yet have rewards credit cards in the markets where most blogs and travel publications exist, which is also a mistake.

But anyway, it’s a fantastic hotel loyalty program, which is arguable the best loyalty program for family travel, and for people who don’t like the faff of blackout dates or points charts. The program is home to brands like: Fairmont, Sofitel, Raffles, Banyan Tree and many more.

Right now, there’s a very easy to digest offer, which earns €120 in points (6,000) points when you make three stays of two nights or more, before the end of the year. There’s no major “arbitrage” way use Accor ALL Points, but being able to use them to settle any amount of your bill, on any stay, is quite nice.

Earning €120 worth for three stays is too.

a hammock from a deck over a pool

Accor ALL Promo

Accor ALL Points are very simple: every 1,000 points is worth €20 toward any stay. 6,000 points are therefore worth €120 towards any stay. If your stay takes place in a different currency, you get that value converted into local currency.

For reference, €120 is worth about $140 dollars right now, so 6,000 points would get you about $140 off a bill at an American Accor ALL property, which includes Fairmont’s, Sofitel and others.

Anyone can register for the promo, and 3 stays of two nights or more will earn that value back in future stays. Unlike many chains, the nice thing is that this can go toward the cost of a room, cover a room entirely, or just go toward the folio when you check out.

Even when you use points for a stay, you actually earn some back, if you pay in cash for some — though it’s good to point out that for this promo, any stays using points do not count.

Register And Benefit

Earning €120 (circa $14) back just from six nights of hotel stays is a great rate of return, on top of what you also earn. You’ll more than likely end up with a couple thousand extra points, for paying for the rooms.

You can register for the new Accor ALL promo here, and you must do so before Nov 4. The promotion is global for hotel stays starting from September 23rd until the 31st of December, 2021.

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  1. Excuse me but to hear you write that Accor is one of the best loyalty programs is mind boggling to any elite member in Hyatt, Hilton, or Marriott. There is NO COMPARISON at all. Accor is fourth rate at best. Why mislead people??
    Even with the Accor PLATINUM status which requires the excessively high spend amount of around 12,000 USD you DO NOT get the most valuable benefits of
    1. free breakfast every day fo two- often worth usd 50-100. per day
    2. suite upgrade for entire stay (often worth usd 100+ plus perday
    3. a minimal number of hotels with excecutive lounge.
    4. guaranteed 4pm checkout
    and points can only be used in increments of 2000. and hard to extend them.
    And lastly so much harder to get accor platinum than Marriott Hyatt or hilton top tier.

    1. What a nutty rant. Most travelers don’t care about elite status. In terms of reward for 99% of travelers, the arguments laid out in the post show mathematically why Accor is among the best.

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