a seat in a plane
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Update: SkyTeam is matching and competing with these prices.

Some deals are too good to pass up, particularly when you can keep the full amount as a credit on your account, if plans change. Right now, Oneworld airlines including British airways, with their Club Suite business class have ridiculously low prices on flights at, £795 round trip, from two European cities to a variety of US cities. Now SkyTeam is matching too, which means Air France, KLM or Delta as well.

a seat in a plane

The Flight Deals

These incredible offers won’t last long, at all. Making them even juicier, you can upgrade these flights using points to first class for circa 20,000 Avios each way, bringing round trip first class for what people pay for Premium.

To take advantage, you’ll need to depart from Luxembourg or Brussels, and Luxembourg is a few pounds cheaper. Each city is easy to reach from most European gateways, and BA flights will route via Heathrow in both directions.

Travel Dates

These incredible offers are wide open until September 2021, giving you plenty of time to hope that the world is a better place. If not, your flights would likely chance, which would give you flexibility to move them again.

How to book these flight deals

The cheapest fares can be found via Online Travel Agencies like Skyscanner, linked here below for your convenience, or via British Airways itself, by searching from LUX or BRU, to any of the cities below. Basically, take a gander, and play with dates.

£795 Luxembourg to Boston Business Class Round Trip

£820 Luxembourg to Miami Business Class Round Trip

£920 Luxembourg to San Jose Business Class Round Trip

£920 Luxembourg to San Francisco Business Class Round Trip

£920 Luxembourg to New York Business Class Round Trip

£995 Luxembourg to Montreal Business Class Round Trip

£999 Luxembourg to Dallas Business Class Round Trip

£999 Luxembourg to Toronto Business Class Round Trip

£1030 Luxembourg to Chicago Business Class Round Trip

£1065 Luxembourg to Seattle Business Class Round Trip

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  1. Had to use Luxembourg airport recently for work and not the best airport – I think when you’re flying business part of the trip is to start off in a nice lounge. Just something to be aware of – there may well have been a lounge but everything on the upper floor was closed. Otherwise this is obviously a bargain

  2. Hello , You mention two routes with BA Club Suites but don’t say what they are? I think one in New York but don’t know other.
    Also any hint when BA will fly Club Suit to West Coast?
    Thank you

  3. It is hard to comprehend this pricing strategy. Why Lux or Brussels are the only cities one can book at these prices? Obviously BA and other airlines are flying a lot of empty metal these days. Why not open this up to any euro city connection via London? I’m shopping for a deal from Warsaw to NYC for mid October and it’s either third leg to position to Lux to London or nonstop on LOT Polish for $2400.

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