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Though it may be comical to those actually living in Asia, people from all over the world fail to consider just how massive this special part of the world is. A flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo is over 3,300 miles, which is far longer than the distance between New York and California. What’s the point?

When you’re flying these sort of distances, comfort helps – and these business class deals are a huge upgrade at a fractionally higher price. Even better, they’re all on major airlines in top alliances, so you can earn lots of points too.

Petronas Towers with tall buildings and treesThe Business Class Offers

Air China, Cathay Pacific, Vietnam, Korean, Malaysian and China Eastern are all offering business class flights at prices well below average. Starting at $560 round trip and up, you can enjoy flat beds on modern, wide-body jets from North Asian countries like Japan and South Korea to Southeast Asian cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and more. Many of the flight deals also work in reverse for not a whole lot more. We’ll list each deal individually below…

The Dates You Can Travel

Though you may find exceptions, the best deals tend to be available from mid/late August through to the end of 2019. Some deals may be around in 2020, but if you want to lock in these super low fares, this is the year.

Many of these fares have no minimum stay requirement, which makes them perfect for a short micro trip, but also great for a longer one as well. One way fares work out a little bit cheaper, if that’s all you need.

an airplane seat with a seat beltHow To Book These Great Flights

Flying business class in a lovely bed for not much more than many people paid for economy is joyous so let’s get down to the good stuff and get you booked. We’ve made easy to use links which take you directly to the best prices between each city pair.

Simply click, change the dates and book something great. We highly recommend looking for flights operated by A350, Boeing 777, Boeing 787 and other wide body planes, which will have flat beds, rather than the seats used on smaller regional planes.

North Asia To Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia To North Asia

Here’s what not to do in Bangkok, great things to do in Singapore, a few ideas for a first trip to Tokyo and the ultimate guide to Hong Kong. Enjoy yourself! It’s hard not to when the journey is as nice as the destination!

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  1. J fares within Asia on the full-service airlines are usually on the higher side too so these are some great prices.

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