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Premium economy can be such a big upgrade. Up to 7” of extra legroom, wider seat, bigger screen and better service can make a serious difference on a 7+ hour flight – and the extended recline and foot rests certainly don’t hurt either. British Airways is back again with incredibly low premium economy fares to Muscat and Dubai, at prices we quite often see for economy. You’ll earn more points, more comfort and even stand the chance to upgrade to business class.

a plane with seats and windowsThe Deals

British Airways are once again offering great prices out of London – and nearby European cities. You can fly round trip Premium Economy, with the ability to upgrade to business class with points from just £490 round trip and up, to Muscat, Oman or perennial fan favorite – Dubai. Oman is one of the trending destinations of 2018. This route offers the chance to experience the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, offering improved cabin pressure, new seats and less jet lag. Winning combo!

The Dates

These deals are mostly available in April and May of 2018. There are great deals for September, October, November of 2018, as well as January and February of 2019 too. Not every single date will be available, but you can use British Airways flexible calendar to find the best deals. And fear not, we’ve got sample links too.

How To Book

These deals are available directly with British Airways, with prices starting at just £490 on select dates. There are tons of deals available from £525 to Dubai or Muscat. The very lowest £490 prices are available by searching on British Airways website from Paris to Muscat. Zurich to Dubai or Muscat is just £525£550. The best deals direct from London are available for £650 round trip to either Muscat or Dubai. Book here. These deals can be upgraded fairly easily, especially on the Muscat route using the advice found here! Enjoy the sunny weather – it’s all but guaranteed!

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