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For an intrepid traveler, Colombia has it all.

Value, food, jungles, beaches, coffee and culture worth diving into. It’s not nearly as far away as people often think, just some 5 to 6 hours from most US gateways, but it’s still 5+ hours on a plane. What if you could turn that into a selling point of the experience though, with champagne and flat beds the whole way? Actually, you can.

Business Class To Colombia

Colombia is open to international travel, with the exception of arrivals from Brazil or the United Kingdom. All you need is to fill out a quick form, and submit a negative PCR test result within 96 hours of departure. This means you could head for this stunning destination as soon as tomorrow.

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As an ever buzzing destination and popular travel option given the (relatively) easy entry, airlines are competing to win the lions share of passengers, and right now that means you can fly business class in all the comfort for less than most people pay for basic economy in the back. You can also earn a bunch of miles too.

Delta has round trip business class from New York to Bogota with fully flat beds for just $420. Ok, it’s actually $418, but $420 sounds better. Flights from Boston via New York are available for just around $100 more.

If your budget extends a bit further, there are still fantastic deals from cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta and Nashville where American Airlines also has flat bed business class between $700-$800 with 787 Dreamliner flights to Medellin or Bogota, and Delta too.

Miami is always available for less, and flat beds are available from $300. Miami aside, if you have any miles to your name, or can find a cheap flight, the savvy play is getting to New York where $418 round trip secures Delta One flat beds and a direct flight that’s long enough to enjoy, at 6 hours.

Delta One Suite

The Dates You Can Travel

If you want to travel this spring or summer, you’re looking at around $70 more per person. Those $418 Delta flights are in the $490’s, and American is at a similar level.

Fall and autumn offer super availability at the lower prices starting in September and thru November. A very welcome feature of these deals is that there’s no minimum stay requirement, so even short trips are totally doable.

How To Book These Flights

Want to see it to believe it? Here’s super easy to use Google Flights links, which will take you directly to dates with the lowest prices available. Just change the dates, play around, use some Google Flights tips and find your own masterpiece.

Since these deals are bookable directly with airlines, be sure to use a credit card which will give you up to 5x points per dollar spent, so you don’t miss out on future rewards. Here’s a list of the credit cards offering the most points on flights.

Enjoy Colombia, just not too much.

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  1. Thanks for the deal alert. How can I tell which flights are the new flat beds and not the old 767 ones?

    1. Hey, tough to say re: newly refurbed 767 seats and old. I don’t think (other than maybe a flyertalk thread) there’s any resource, but most birds i’ve been on have been retro’d already.

  2. The 787 fleet is a well done aircraft of great terms of the 1990s time period of Russian guerilka warfare that sets up new ones in general of older times since great business was informed.

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