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We’re talking Cathay Pacific, not budget airlines…

Sub $500 flight deals to Asia are always amazing. After all, $1000 is the new normal price, so paying less than half is a genuine treat. But these kind of deals are virtually never on top airlines – let alone five star rated Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific is offering a compelling sale to Hong Kong, with direct flights from all over the West Coast. If you’re dreaming of a bucket list trip to Hong Kong, it doesn’t get much better than this.

a large white airplane flying in the skyThe Cathay Pacific Deals

Hong Kong Airlines is the newest airline with direct flights from Hong Kong to the world. The airline operates beautiful new Airbus A350 aircraft and is looking to make a dent in stalwart Cathay Pacific’s business plans. Cathay Pacific is fighting back the way fans love most, with even better deals on their celebrated economy service, starting at just $420 round trip from Los Angeles and San Francisco, with great prices also available from Vancouver.

a city skyline with many lightsThe Dates

These deals are available from August thru September 2018, for departures from Monday thru Thursday. Not every single date will be available, but if you can jet off on a Monday or Wednesday, you’re pretty much good to go! Hong Kong is perfect in fall and winter, once the extremely humid summer has passed.

a plate of food on a tableHow To Book

We haven’t even gotten into how worth it Hong Kong is – but it is. It’s a completely buzzing, awe inspiring city where you can experience one of the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurants, get an amazing suit made in just hours or just take in the immense culture. Here are easy Google Flights links directly to the cheapest deals to Hong Kong, like: $418 to from San Francisco, $458 from Los Angeles and $540 from Vancouver. These deals are even cheaper using an online travel agency, like Momondo or Kayak.

Are you jetting off to Hong Kong?

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