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Airline competition between London and the East Coast of the United States has never been more fever pitched and there’s still room for things to heat up even more. But what do you care? You’re just here for a flight deal. Airlines will be airlines and you just want to go skating in New York City or enjoy a good slice of pizza.

Whether you’re BA all the way, ABBA (that’s Anything But British Airways) or a die hard Virgin red head, there’s a deal in here for you, and at these prices you’d be kind of crazy not to. Both New York and Boston are up on offer for a mere £246 round trip, during many of the best parts of the year and next…

a street with cars and buildingsThe Flight Deals

No tricks, no gimmicks, no need for a travel companion or any of that rubbish. If you want to hit up New York or Boston on a top airline, you’re £264 and probably a meeting with your boss away.

“Hey, so remember how I said I’d work over this week, yeah, that’s not happening”…

Both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are locked in a heated battle to rule the East Coast like Biggie or Jay Z, so they’ve slashed prices on direct flights. These deals don’t include a checked bag but they do still include a full sized carry on, small personal item, meals and drinks. Virgin even throws in a cool afternoon tea on board.

a city with a body of water and cloudsThe Dates You Can Travel

These deals are available on virtually any day in September or October, and then are available every week in November, the first half of December and then again in January, February, March or April.

After September and October, you’ll need to depart on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to lock in the very lowest prices. You’ll also need to stay at least five nights. Deals are still incredible for shorter breaks, but if you want the best deals, a combo like leaving Wednesday night and flying back the next Monday morning seem to work best. For September or October, you only need to stay three nights to lock in the best flight deals.

We’re glad you paid attention here. It saves you the effort of shouting in the comments.

people sitting in a terminalHow To Book These Deals

You can book these flights directly with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic for around £270/£280 per person if you like. But that’s not what we quoted and therefore only amateurs would pay £30/£40 more for the same ticket. By using top online travel agencies like Skyscanner, you can find these same exact flights for less. And let’s be real, it’s a short flight, economy is totally fine.

If you want Virgin Atlantic, here’s an example for Boston and for New York.

If you want British Airways, here’s an example for Boston and for New York.

Just change the dates to something that works for you and enjoy the trip. We’ve got tons of info on NYC for you as well, because the person who wrote this may or may not be from there. Here’s tourist mistakes to avoid, and the best things to do in 48 hours. Cheers!

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