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British Airways has long operated one of the most exclusive flights in the sky, known as the “baby bus” between London City Airport and New York JFK. It’s not exclusive because it’s necessarily the nicest, or the most modern – but by the sheer size itself.

With just 32 seats, which are usually half full, this is a flight that feels like you’re on a private jet, especially when you land directly in the city of London, rather than out at Heathrow. Right now there’s a two for one deal accompanying the main BA Luxury sale which allows you to fly two passengers for a total of £2019…

New York City SkylineThe Flight Deals

British Airways has an aggressive sale for travel this fall, bringing super lower fares in business and first class to most US destinations. You can check out the full sale here, but if this novelty flight is something you’d like to tick off the bucket list, while it still lasts, this deal found by our friends YHBU is an amazing way to do so.

If two passengers book together, you can lock in £1000 per person round trip on the 32 seat all business class flight, which hails the Speedbird 1 and 2 designations previously used on Concorde. If you’re traveling solo, the price is around £1475. Here’s a review of the experience on board.

The Dates You Can Travel

You’ve gotta jet off between now and September 30th from London to NYC, and return before October 10th 2019 to make this deal work for you. If you were hoping to hit fashion week, the US Open or any of the other major events this fall in New York, this is a really cool way to get there, in an experience that feels unlike anything else.

To lock in the lowest prices with ease, you need to stay at least one Sunday, so something like a Monday to Monday, or a Thursday to Monday would work just fine.

the inside of an airplaneHow To Book These Awesome Deals

These sort of things don’t last long, especially with just 32 seats per flight. If you want in, we’ve made easy to use links which take you directly to the best prices both with British Airways, and Skyscanner. Simply click the link, change the dates and enjoy. Don’t forget that there’s £1500 two for one offers in the main sale, if that sounds more appealing, but hey – for £1000 each this is amazing.

Here’s how to have the best time in New York, including food recommendations and things to do. Also, here are a few tourist mistakes to avoid. Despite what you have heard, no self respecting New Yorker eats pizza in Times Square. Read up, and you’ll have a blast.


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