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British Airways Club World London City is more like a semi private jet than any commercial flight. Sharing the callsign and flight number previously assigned to the legendary Concorde, the experience offers one of the most refined and exclusive ways to cross the Atlantic, avoiding  the traditional boarding process or fuss with just a mere 32 seats in total. Is it the best? Find out for yourself with this immersive 360* virtual reality review, the first of it’s kind.

This review uses 360 degree “virtual reality” technology. YOU can control many of these photos, moving them in any direction Up, Down, Left or Right by swiping with your finger (mobile) or clicking and dragging with you mouse (desktop) to see it as if you’re there…

Check In + Lounge

a sign with a couple of people and a couple of men and a couple of people and a couple of men and a couple of people and a couple of men and a couple of people and a

Who doesn’t like feeling special? Even though it’s technically a “Club World” aka business class flight, London City customers are able to check in at a more secluded first class desk.

British Airways First Class + London City Check In @ JFK. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

We were number two in line for check in and took the opportunity to make stupid faces while showing you the check in area for First class plus London City, conveniently located next to dedicated fast track security…

a sign on a wall

Before long, after another exciting exchange of smiles with TSA agents, we made it to the Galleries lounge, a large spacious and multi faceted lounge. You can guess where we headed…

British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK Bar Area… #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Ah yes, the bar, and now, we can officially say we’ve been to a bar together, even if in virtual reality. The bar features excellent wine and spirit options with Bombay, Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels and more. I personally enjoyed a Cabernet + Syrah blend from Washington state in the US.

a bar with bottles of alcohol

Hey, it’s free. Why not?! And if you ask nicely, they’ll even bring you champagne instead of the prosecco on display…

British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK Pre Flight Dining Area… #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

After some time at the bar we made our way to the pre flight dining area, reserved for club world and London City customers who wish to eat before their flight in a buffet style offering. Now we’ve had dinner together too!

a plate of food on a table

Food is art and I took my presentation seriously when grabbing all the ingredients of a great chicken taco… minus the taco. There were a wide variety of options for all palates, I just don’t care to waste food and time I could spend drinking, taking photos of things I won’t eat…

The Seat + Plane

a plane with a staircase

a man standing in an airplane

As I may have eluded to, this plane is the smallest commercial jet liner crossing the Atlantic with just eight rows and a maximum of 32 passengers. Everything feels private. No lines, no stress, no gate crowds. It’s beautiful.

British Airways Club World London City Pre Flight Cockpit Visit… #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

In what certainly was a highlight of my life, the very kind cabin and flight deck crew obliged to my request to come hang out in the flight deck and they actually really loved seeing the 360 degree image of our hang above! Amazing!

a person sleeping in a white chair

a plane with seats and a few seats

Onto my seat, which if you can count was in row three, seat A. Very spacious with more width than standard British Airways Club World Seats. It felt extremely clean and quiet. With only around 16 passengers on this flight you could hear a whisper!

British Airways Club World London City Interior… #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

We had roughly 15 people on our flight with three dedicated crew members. Needless to say the attention and service was the best I’ve ever had. Hopefully you moved your finger around or clicked around and are getting a feel for the cabin, if not, don’t worry you’ll have another opportunity.

a seat in an airplane

a swingers on a wall

Legroom anyone? Though this picture doesn’t adequately display it, the white shells around the seats are quite high, allowing you to really not see anyone in front or behind you, just whoever’s next to you. It felt a lot like a private jet with one random guy sitting across from us on it… who happened to snore.

British Airways Club World London City Pre Arrival at LCY… #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Cabin starting to feel like you’ve been there yourself? I hope so.

a seat in an airplane

a man lying in a chair with a laptop on it

I found the bed very comfortable and plenty long for my 6’3” frame. Laura managed to fall asleep mere minutes after take off, which I assume counts as an endorsement too.

British Airways Club World London City Flat Bed… #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Make yourself at home and lay down with us. Pretty inviting? Just kidding, please keep your distance. This was one of our favorite flights of all time because of the feeling of privacy and the lack of overall passengers, crowds.

Food + Drink

a plate of food on a table

As I mentioned, we opted for the pre flight meal, but anyone still a bit peckish can grab a lighter bite from the “Champagne Supper”. I took a look, but opted for sleep. Our take off on flight BA 0004 was roughly 10PM and eating early allowed us to tuck in almost immediately, catching roughly six hours of sleep.

a book open with text

To the shock of no one more than myself, I did not manage to drink any red or white wine! Nice menu though. If you want to peruse more closely, click here.

a glass of wine on a table

Both Tattinger and Tattinger Rose Brut were on offer. I sampled both and very much enjoyed the Rose Brut pictured here alongside Laura watching the Gavin & Stacy Christmas special…

a book with text in it

Champagne and alcohol, what could go wrong? Here’s the rest of your alcohol selections for the evening! For a closer look, click here.

The Experience + Expert Tips

It moves! You can walk along through the cabin with me and move the angle as I move, anywhere you wish!

a blue sky with clouds and contrails

I don’t think there’s a more convenient way to get from New York to London and vice versa. This is especially true when it costs $686 and 30,000 miles round trip, as this particular trip did during an incredible sale. London City airport is right smack dab in the middle of the city, and with the reduced amount of time you need to arrive prior to your flight, you can spend more time working, more time sleeping and wake up feeling as fresh as I do today, which is a miracle, given the champagne of course.

an airplane wing on a runway

Tips? Eat in the lounge if you’re coming from New York. If coming from London, you only need to arrive 15 minutes before your flight so spend your time at home. I would personally avoid row one as it tends to be busiest and nearest to the restrooms. The back of the cabin seemed very tranquil and lets be honest, on a flight with 16-32 people, there’s not a big clamor to get off the plane. We loved it…

A BIG thanks to the fantastic crew, lead by Nicholas Sparks. 

As Always, Get In Touch: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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