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As cliche as it may be, whisking a loved one off to Europe for a surprise trip to see the lights of Paris or the Duomo Di Milano is pretty epic. When you take the scene to the next rom-com level, with flat beds and champagne in both directions, it’s even better.

As annoying as it will be for singletons, boutique airline La Compagnie has launched $1400 per person flat bed round trip flights from the USA to Milan, Nice or Paris, but to lock in the stellar pricing, you’ll need to book for two.

To be fair, even two people that hate each other but love a great deal could take up the offer and split on the other end!

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$1400 Flights To Europe In Business Class

La Compagnie offers a quirky, sophisticated and comfortable way to get from New York to Europe, with its all business class service. There’s no real miles to be earned, but flying flat across the pond for $1400 per person is worth a little sacrifice.

Searching for flights is easy with La Compagnie’s dedicated promo page. You simply select your ideal destination and dates when the “promo fare” are available appear in Green directly below. Any dates in green are eligible at the $1400 per person pricing.

a row of seats in an airplane

Key Dates And Booking

Of course, you always want to maximize your purchase by using one of the most rewarding credit cards for booking flights. Beyond that, booking is easy.

These deals must be booked by February 14th but travel can take place in virtually any month of 2022. There are wide open dates in the near term, but also in December 22′, which could be a fantastic way to get home, or away, for the holidays.

Business class to Europe is rarely below $2500 for one, so $2800 for two is a fantastic price and on an airline which is quickly gaining clout. Who doesn’t like flat beds or a little toast to good times ahead?

You can book your La Compagnie flights, here.

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  1. I selected dates in July 2022: I did select the promotion dates. It did say the cost was $1280/tkt. But when I went to the next step it showed taxes and fees (as expected) and one special “carrier extra charge” in the amount of $1,000/tkt. this headline is misleading: it should say $1,400 + $1,000 + fees and taxes for one flat bed deal. Not such a great deal …

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