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There’s yet another great airfare deal with a variety of Star Alliance airlines, and these days, deals are hard to come by.

Do you remember the fantastic Around the world trip that we posted some time ago, offering a chance to go “around the world” in business class for around $2960?

This one is similar, with an opportunity build in different destinations in North and South America. Even better, we’ll show you how, below.

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A Few Amazing Flight Deal Options

So how do we lock in these amazing deals? The key is to start in Amsterdam, or if that’s nowhere near home, use miles or a cheap flight to get there. Departing from lovely ole’ Amsterdam, you may start your trip first in North or South America, and then move.

At each destination, you may stay a few days or weeks — and can tailor the trip as you like. There are most probably other destinations available as well.

  • In North America, you can choose from Toronto, Houston, New York
  • In South America, you can choose from Santiago de Chile*, Lima, São Paulo, or Bogota

The starting and arriving point in South or North America doesn’t have to be the same. For example, you may fly to Santiago de Chile and then continue on from culinary hub Lima. In that case,  you’d just need to use miles or buy a separate ticket from Santiago de Chile to Lima to connect up your journey.

*Santiago de Chile is the key to make this ticket that cheap.

We’ve added an extra example with Lima instead of Santiago de Chile at the bottom and the price isn’t bad at all, but is over $2000.

Travel Dates You Can Book

You can travel on these amazing fares from November 2022 into next year, 2023.

Don’t get frustrated, not every single date will work, and sometimes you might get an error during the booking process, but this fare is definitely bookable and worth trying around a bit, to get the perfect mega trip.

You just have to be a bit flexible. Changing the dates by one or two days can make all the difference if example prices below don’t automatically populate.

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How to Book These Epic Deals

The cheapest tickets can be found via online travel agencies, aka OTA’s . Below you can find a few examples with links and prices. If you’d like to book one of these deals,  you just need to change to your desired dates.

Trips marked with /*, means that you have to buy an extra separate ticket between the two destinations.

Happy deal hunting! These flights should certainly help with qualifying for elite status in 2023, and by traveling during shoulder season, you should be able to avoid the price gouges happening everywhere in travel right now!

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