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Revenge travel is a thing right now. Unfamiliar? It’s basically the art of making up for lost time, and getting back out into the world as restrictions drop.

One super cool way to do that, of course, would be embarking on a whirlwind “around the world” trip, and even cooler — doing it in business class.

Today, you can quite literally book that dream for $2960 all in, with just one catch, as noted from the title. The catch is that you’ll need to use points or a cheap flight to get yourself to Paris, if you’re not already there. It’s easier than you think.

We even have live examples, below!

That’s where the deals that make this dream possible start from, and with these flights on top Star Alliance airlines, you can visit 3 continents with one ticket from $2960 all in. You can even go east or west, and att each destination you can even stay a few days or even weeks.

business class

A Few “Around The World” Options

Combining a few amazing flight deals allows you to see three continents with ease, and customize how long you stay in each. To make planning a bit easier, here’s a layout of some potential trips, depending on the end goal.

  • In Oceania, the cheapest destination is Auckland. For Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane the price will go up by a few $100 all in.
  • In Asia, you can choose from Bangkok, SeoulHong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai or Beijing.
  • In North America, you can choose from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Vancouver, Toronto — and probably a few more.

The starting and arriving point in Oceania or North America doesn’t have to be the same, but there are a few instances where you’d need to buy an extra ticket to hop between the two.

If you’re happy leaving in and out of the same cities, $2960 gets it done. If you want to bop around, just budget some miles or little side money to book internal flights. That’s pretty standard. Depending on whether you use miles, or cash, it may not add much expense at all.

Here’s Two Examples Of Differing Places In Each:

You could fly to Auckland and then continue “home” from Sydney. In that case, you’d just need to buy an additional separate ticket from Auckland to Sydney to get going.

In North America, you could fly to Las Vegas, and then continue from San Francisco or Los Angeles, just connecting the dots with a flight, drive or whatever. Some examples below offer live pricing and looks at what’s possible.

The fares work both eastward and westward around the world.

boats in the water with a boat in it with Ha Long Bay in the background

Travel Dates

The availability depends on the selected destination, but you can find dates in each month from November into 2023.

The cheapest time to fly is the end of November and December 2022. For the other dates the price will climb to around $3700, which is still a total bargain.

How to Book

These fares have to be booked via OTA’s like Expedia. Below you can find a few examples with links and prices. If you’d like to book one of these deals,  you just need to change to your desired dates once you click over.

(We have not included Shanghai or Beijing in our examples, as no one knows when China will reopen again)

If you’d prefer to visit another destination in Asia instead of North America, that’s possible as well.

$3360 Paris -> Singapore -> Sydney -> Bangkok -> Paris

$3320 Paris -> Singapore -> Auckland -> Seoul -> Paris

Happy hunting everyone. For more on how to create around the world tickets, including how to fly around the world using points for as low as 125,000 points in business class, head here. To business class around the world!

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    1. If you start in Paris and you would miss the last leg from SFO to Paris, I don’t think that the airline could do anything. I mean you could have been stuck in traffic and missed the flight, happened already twice to me 😉

  1. Paris-Singapore-Sydney-Bangkok-Paris is not RTW. On a RTW fare, you have to cross the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean once. This is either on Star Alliance, One World or SkyTeam.

  2. Gilbert, is it ok if I am partially super excited about this, and partially roll my eyes because I am thinking about ALL THOSE DARN MILES I have saved up and wouldn’t end up using for this???

    1. It’s totally ok 🙂 I’m an earn and burn person, but sometimes when there’s so much to gain (more miles, more status) it’s tough to pass on these offers!

  3. I haven’t had any luck getting a fare to actually price out… Momondo gives the right fare, so do travelup, Expedia, etc., but when I try to do the purchase, the purchase fails (expedia simply says the fare is no longer available; travelup offers much higher fares as an alternate, etc.). Has anyone been able to actually make a real ticket purchase? If so, on what site?

    I’ve tried multiple routings, multiple dates, and it always fails on the actual purchase.

    1. Vivek, three days on from the original fare, it’s impossible to say whether it still exists. It’s unlikely that all those sites would keep failing. Expedia, for example is usually very real time.

    2. I used Google Flights to create my itinerary, which would then allow me to book on United’s website. I did face two errors: when selecting a Swiss Air flight on my last leg (fixed when selecting a LH flight instead), and on the exchange rate conversion page. The fare is still alive, don’t give up!

  4. just booked Paris-Singapore-Auckland-Chicago and return Boston-Paris and we’ll connect ORD-Boston separately. All business incl the mega-long direct flight Auckland-ORD. Originally quoted Eur 3200 via Skyscanner and ended up paying Eur 3500/person. A steal! We could have saved a couple of hundred by taking Swiss on first and last flight but prefer SQ/LH. Thanks Gilbert

  5. Wow I missed this article and the opportunity…. Is Paris the best place to start an “Around the World” trip?

  6. I have on my screen an RTW offer with Star Alliance at €4990 from Momondo.ie for leaving 14th Dec CDG-HKG-AKL-YYZ-CDG Business class and I want to talk to an agent about buying 2 tickets for myself and wife leaving on 14/12/22

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