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From beer bikes to stunning hikes, Prague is an exciting city. While it may have a reputation for party weekends, it offers a rarely found sophistication and classic European elegance to boot.

Whether you’re coming for a quick weekend or a few weeks adventure, we’ve got everything you need to know for a fantastic experience, with these 10 tips for a perfect visit to Prague, Czech Republic.

Hot tip: Here’s a link to download all these cool spots into Google Maps, to plan your trip.

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Uber Works, But So Does

The first question many have when visiting any new destination is about Uber. Uber works splendidly in Prague, and due to the Czech Koruna currency – it’s very cheap. There’s also Bolt (formerly Taxify) which is a more Europe centric option, so it’s worth comparing prices before committing to a ride.

A ride to or from Vaclav Havel Airport (PRG) to the city centre will run roughly $20 US dollars and drivers are very polite. But for cheaper airport rides, the yellow ticket machines for the N.119 bus to Metro Line A works well – as does the airport shuttle bus. Figure less than $10 round trip for either.

Where To Stay In Prague

Much like many of the world’s best cities, Prague is easy to navigate, thanks to it’s picturesque position on the Vltava River. When it comes to sleeping, there are lots of great options for every budget, and since Prague is relatively centralised, picking a neighbourhood isn’t as much of a concern.

There are lots of great hotels in Prague, at all price points. As far as nice options go, Intercontinental Prague, is solid, but for unique options, check out Alchymist chain, Aria Prague, Mandarin Oriental, Hotel BoHo or Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel.

two glasses of coffee with brown liquidPrague Cafes: Cafe Savoy

This breakfast, lunch and dinner spot is on quite a few guides, but Cafe Savoy lives up to the hype. The food is delectable, the wines are extremely well picked and the coffees and legitimately freshly baked pastries are to die for. The ambiance and service are also lovely.

If Cafe Savoy is packed, or a bit above your intended price range, try nearby Cafe Lounge. For an even more authentic and less expensive cafe experience, perhaps venture to Zone 2, where you’ll find La Boheme Cafe.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is spectacular, but still a bit of a tourist trap. The most pleasant way to venture to the castle is to start to the far right, where you’ll ascend a long manageable wall with excellent city views back along the river.

Almost everything a normal tourist would enjoy is free, so save your money by skipping the paid tours and access. Good to know, right?

a glass of pink liquidNightlife

If “raging” is your thing, Prague is home to more discotheques per square inch than most places. You’ll find many of the best clubs around the “Old Town”. Karlovy Lazne, Roxy, Cross Club and Mecca will give you at least five nights of madness.

For a more low key evening featuring more wine, mixologist level cocktails and champagne than $2 vodka shots, Hemingway Bar offers absolutely outstanding cocktails in a unique setting with a ridiculous vintage champagne selection. Cash Only Bar is another excellent choice, and it fits the moniker, in case you were wondering.

Cash Only

Prague is amongst the best cities in Europe for “taking card”. Even the smallest purchases will usually allow credit or debit card purchases.

Be sure to bring your favorite rewards credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees, or a card like Curve which keeps you from paying them, so you’ll earn a rebate on every purchase in miles, cash back or points.

Long story short: it’s easy to navigate around the city and its many excellent shops, cafes and restaurants without cash. It never hurts to carry some, but don’t take out too much – you’ll hardly need it, if ever.

a bridge over a river with buildings and trees

Venture Out Of Central Prague

The Old Town in Prague is wonderful, but for better prices and a bit of insight into daily Czech culture, try hitting up some of the places outside your main tourist guide. There’s nothing to fear.

Vinohrady and Vrsovice, Karlin and other areas along the surprisingly vast city are worth a trip, especially if you have an extra day. Just like any city, things are generally safe – but keep your eyes open for the usual stuff. You’ll be glad you got a slice of normal Czech life.

Hike It

If you’re coming from the Old Town, cross the Most Legií (Legions Bridge) and head towards the hill, which is very easy to spot.

You’ll find a lovely winding path which takes you up to the highest viewing points. It’s a fantastic way to work off some of the pints from the many alcohol induced experiences in Prague, such as the Beer Bike. Any area nearby is perfect to wander and explore.

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Must See Prague Attractions

By now you’re probably trying to prioritize your Prague sightseeing. We get it, time is precious and you don’t wanna miss the big stuff.

St. Vitus Cathedral is worth a peek even for atheists. The John Lennon wall is artistic, and though it bares very little resemblance to John Lennon the singing heard all around is nice.

The Jewish Quarter is a very powerful reminder of history and horrors of the past. The Mala Strana and Maltese Square are a neat step back in time and just about anywhere you visit, you’ll see ornate, beautiful buildings. There’s really something for everyone.

$2 Beers, Underrated Wine

This may not be the most educational thing on the list, but you’ve gotta love a place where you can score $2 (or less) beers. Prague is home to a rich brewing history and you’ll find a cozy pub replete with Pilsner Urquell at every turn.

The Czech Republic also offers a highly underrated wine region, with excellent light bodied red wines, sophisticated white wines and cheap but cheerful sparkling. Don’t miss out by being an old world wine snob, particularly if you go to a restaurant with an extensive wine list.

What are your favorite things to do in Prague?

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  1. First thing in Prague, take the food tour. What food tour? No names, but it has 1500+ 5 star reviews on Tripadvisor. You also get their insider booklet with shopping, bars, restaurants, etc. It’s fantastic, and the best way to start your tour of Prague.

  2. There are tons of great independent hotels in historic buildings … I know it’s anathema to points travelers, but I shake my head at those who stick to chains here out of brand loyalty.

    Are you sure admission to the Prague Castle is still free? I thought you had to pay ~$10 just to access the grounds now.

    Regarding cash, if you leave the main tourist areas, many restaurants strongly prefer you tip in cash even if paying by card.

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