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If you paid more, you were probably at a fancy hotel…

Whoever told you travel was too expensive may have had one too many beers- and overpaid for them. Because the truth is, life on the go can actually be a lot more affordable than life at home, it’s just all about “where” you go. In pursuit of total happiness, beer and travel savings, Travelex crunched the numbers, finding ten places where you can “cheers” the perfect trip for less than two US dollars per beer, even out at bars…

a row of beer taps on a plane
Delta serves some of the best beer in the sky.


Cost of a pint: $2/€1.8/£1.6


Cost of a pint: $1.99/€1.79/£1.59


Cost of a pint: $1.98/€1.78/£1.56

South Africa

Cost of a pint: $1.96/€1.75/£1.5


Cost of a pint: $1.85/€1.56/£1.4

a glass of beer on a ledgePortugal

Cost of a pint: $1.75/€1.5/£1.35


Cost of a pint: $1.5/€1.28/£1.15


Cost of a pint: $1.43/€1.22/£1.09

Czech Republic

Cost of a pint: $1.4/€1.2/£1.07


Cost of a pint: $1.25/€1.10/£.97

If you’ve been to any of these places and paid more, you overpaid.

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  1. I’m writing this from Kiev right now, and you can consistently find the local brews in bars and restaurants for less than $1! Not to mention the history and beauty everywhere you walk… but really. $.80 for a half liter of beer.

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