The roar from Barcelona’s massive Camp Nou Stadium is a spectacle to behold. 99,354 people full of energy, crammed to the rafters. The stadium often appears to be a captivating and endless sea of blue and red. Now picture that stadium 123 times, with every seat filled. That’s precisely how many people flowed into the tenth most popular city. Imagine the visual of the world’s most visited city – with more than double the visitors. Can you name the ten most visited cities in the world?

a plane on the tarmacBased On…

There are two definitive ways to measure the most visited cities in the world – and we think the method behind this survey is the best. Mastercard has competing rankings, but those are based on people who overnight, which could potentially be in transit. These rankings, powered by Euromonitor International base their findings on actual one night stays.

a city with tall buildings#10 Kuala Lumpur – 12.3 Million People.

With some of the cheapest five star hotels in the world and amazing food at every turn, Kuala Lumpur is quickly on the rise.

#9 Shenzen – 12.6 Million People.

Known as the great link between China’s mainland and Hong Kong, Shenzen is an increasingly powerful region to visit, with more direct flights than ever.

a city with many buildings and a body of water#8 New York – 12.7 Million People.

The gateway for European travelers and the center of Western commerce hardly needs an introduction. Our tip: visit in April or October.

#7 Paris – 14.4 Million People.

It may not be number one for overnighters, but it’s the number one tourist destination in the world, bringing in more tourist money per year than any other city!

a city next to water#6 Dubai – 14.9 Million People.

With the rise of Emirates, luxury towers and  the cool breeze of sandy beaches – Dubai has climbed the mainstream radar. Expect to see Dubai in the top five next year.

#5 Macau – 15.4 Million People.

Macau is an extra sensory experience with rides, casinos and luxury hotels abound. Spurred on by Hong Kong’s travel boom and more mainland Chinese travel – it’s hitting its stride.

a city skyline with a body of water#4 Singapore – 16.6 Million People.

The world’s best gardens, coolest hotel pool and some of the best quality of line found anywhere have converged to make Singapore a buzzing destination. It’s expected to take over London!

a bridge over a river with a clock tower and a building#3 London – 19.2 Million People.

The history, the food, the royals! London is one of the best walking cities on the planet, a hub for banking, tech and all things travel and it’s no surprise to see it firmly planted near the top.

a city with many buildings and a city skyline#2. Bangkok – 21.2 Million People.

The home of street food, cheap luxury and bustling city life – Bangkok is a place which keeps visitors on their toes. It’s too tempting to pass up – and this figure is total proof.

a city skyline with many lights#1 Hong Kong – 26.6 Million People.

Hong Kong has officially taken over. Displacing Bangkok in the top spot by a whopping five million visitors with no sign of slowing down – the city of lights is your new most visited city.

What’s your favorite in the top 10 – and why?!

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  1. Did I miss something? How is Las Vegas 40 million visitors a year and Orlando’s very close visitor count not on the list?

    Is this International visitors only?

  2. Hong kong, simply spectacular, great food and shopping, breathtaking views of Victoria bay and the skyline at night. Followed by Bangkok, a city never stops. Great value for money and amazing people.

  3. Interesting to see Hong Kong on the top, wondering what sort of mix with regards to where those 26.6 million travellers from.

  4. Hong Kong did not replace Bangkok as the most visited for “tourism purpose”. Hong Kong’s high number of visits came from Chinese professionals and business people who traveled to Hong Kong either daily or weekly.

  5. Hongkong is one part of china most people who visited hongkong were chiness they are not foreingner for hongkong

  6. I didn’t know that Chinese from mainland are considered “foreign” visitors in Hong Kong. LOL

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