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Earning hotel points can be one of the best decisions anyone makes in their travels. Hotel points, and status perks accumulate, and eventually can spell out free vacations, which few people ever mind. Unfortunately, it all hits a snag when the place you want to go doesn’t have any hotels where you can cash in your points.

IHG Rewards is taking a significant step towards alleviating that problem, pushing on with the addition of over 400 new hotels where you can earn, and burn points online. The additions from the Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels collection will bring properties in 11 new countries and countless cities, or remote escapes.

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IHG x Mr & Mrs Smith

It’s been a long time coming, but you’ll soon be able to use your IHG Rewards Points online to book at least 100 independent luxury hotels as part of Mr & Mrs Smith. In fact, you can already use them at at least 10, and 100 should be online shortly. The remaining 300 are expected by November 2020.

The Smith online booking platform created a hand curated selection of luxury hotels, which has expanded to offer perks for those who book via the Mr & Mrs Smith online channel.

In other words, these are gorgeous independent hotels which wouldn’t typically be a part of any chain, but via the Mr & Mrs Smith partnership, IHG Rewards members are able to benefit with access, perks and points redemption opportunities at these boutique properties.

So, what’s happening with IHG and Mr & Mrs Smith?

After lots of backend IT work, IHG says it’s ready to get these hotels up and running on the IHG booking channels so members can use points, or cash to book, and can enjoy perks earned from the IHG Rewards loyalty program. 10 hotels should be live on the system now, and in the coming hours and days, another 100 will be added.

IHG Rewards members will be able to redeem their points at around half a cent of value per point, though the rate will vary slightly. Nope, these Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels don’t fall into a category on the IHG Rewards Chart, where a defined number of points is required to book.

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How many IHG Rewards Points for a Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel?

Figure on .4 to .5 cents per point of value on these Mr & Mrs Smith properties using your IHG Points, though there may be better cases.

You’ll pay something loosely related to the cash rate the hotel is charging, along the lines of 60,000 IHG for a $300 stay. These sort of variable rates are unlikely to offer as much value as redeeming IHG Rewards Points at a top Intercontinental property where prices in points are fixed regardless of what the cash price is, but they’re not bad value by any means. For example, even if the Intercontinenal Sun Penninsula is charging $750 per night, you may be able to book it for

Really, if its the difference in having an amazing place to stay for free, and not having a place to use points, it can be a pretty simple win. Either way, these properties provide a place to earn points, use points, or enjoy perks. Keep your eyes peeled online and in the IHG app for more and more locations where you can earn, burn and receive guest recognition.

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