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Yeah you heard us. WTF is reserved for only the very best deals- and we’re shouting it. Getting anywhere in the sky is a miracle for $200 bucks, but thanks to a rare, extraordinarily good deal- you can now go to Paris, Madrid, London or Barcelona for just $204 round trip. It gets better- a checked bag and meals are also included, all while earning miles- on a major US/UK airline. You can depart New York, Boston, Washington DC, Miami and likely even a few more major gateways. For a deal this good, it’s all about “how” you book.

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The Insanely Good Economy Deals

If you go to search these deals, you won’t find them. They theoretically don’t exist- but in actuality- they do. We’ve been closely following an innovative new booking company called Flystein, like Einstein, and they know all the (fully legal) tricks to unlock the best deals. In this case, we’re talking about fuel dumping, the coolest trick to save money on airline tickets, which very few people actually know how to do. Fortunately- they know how, and there’s no risk.

a room with a table and chairsThe Dates You Can Jet Off

These deals are available from November 2017 to Mid May 2018. Not every date will be available, but plenty are. Dying to know how to book? Figure out the dates in this range you could go, any flexibility you may have- and  we’ll get you there in just one scroll of the finger.

an airplane window with wing and skyHow To Book These WTF Deals

We’ve been monitoring Flystein, the travel booking guru group for over 6 months, watching them grow and reading customer feedback, carefully. The site has offered free booking (the service fee, not the flights) to the first 15 readers using this link (we just got more codes)! Everyone else will receive 15% off their booking service, which we fully detail below. These deals only work if they are done by master technicians like Flystein, so they very fairly charge for their services. Don’t submit a request unless you fully plan to book, if these $204 prices are available.

** Update 2- We have new promo codes, since there was so much trouble before, click here to submit your free booking**

**Update: We think we sent so much traffic that we crashed their site! If you’re having trouble submitting your request, it could be because the ‘first 15’ free codes have already been used, try clicking here to start your search. The fee is $42, but if they can’t get you the $204 deal with dates that work for you you get a 100% refund- if they do, you still paid only $240 bucks to go round trip to Europe. If you have further trouble, hit up Flystein on Facebook**

a bridge over a river with a clock tower and a buildingThe Booking Process With Flystein

The first 15 readers who seriously want these deals will get their booking fee waived (new codes are out, click link above). You’ll pay just $204 round trip for a flight like New York to Paris, with bag. No risky business either. Truly AMAZING. For everyone else, Flystein charges $42 per booking (up to two passengers), so if you’re booking with someone else, it’s $21 per person.

To book you simply file a trip request, noting your budget and ideal date range (the more flex, the better). You can chat with an expert and if they feel confident they can get something done that’s more than $42 lower than anywhere else, they’ll charge you the $42 bucks up front and return with everything to book the incredible deals. If it doesn’t work out- you’ll get a refund. You’ll book through a trusted, major online travel agency. Even with the $42 charged, you will likely be saving hundreds, while earning points and miles. Enjoy!

Are you going to Europe?

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    1. I believe all the 15 promo codes are used up. It should still be $42, and if they can’t get the price you’re looking for- they immediately refund the money. That’s the best I know. You can of course message them on FB as well.

  1. Their site keeps kicking back errors: “Something went wrong. Please try again. Unexpected error”
    Can’t even test the service when it’s free, I’d hate to waste $50 on it once it’s working again.

    1. The promo codes are all used up (we only had 15 of them). If they don’t return the prices quoted in the post- you get your money back. Totally up to you. Be sure to follow our site so you can be one of the first 15 next time.

  2. Website doesn’t work at all – unknown errors keep happening. Having to pay $49 USD for a search seems insane especially if the price is not cheap.

    1. The promo codes are all used up. If they don’t return the prices quoted in the post- you get your money back. Totally up to you. Be sure to follow our site so you can be one of the first 15 next time.

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