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With Iceland ironically becoming one of the “hottest” destinations on the planet, WOW Air are using their strategic positioning to offer incredible fares from both sides of the pond. Whether you want to hit Iceland, Europe or the United States, you can start from either end and make it to the Northern Lights and beyond, all for $99 or £49, one way…

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The Deal

WOW Air are offering promo fares from the US and Europe to Iceland, carrying on to Europe or the US, whichever one you didn’t start from. You can get one way from Europe to Reykjavik for as little as £49, and alternately from the US to Reykjavik for only $99. The best part is that you can book these, one segment at a time, allowing for a full proper stopover in Reykjavik as long as you wish. If Iceland isn’t your final destination, you can get from the US to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin or Dublin for a literally shocking $129 one way. Round trips come in just above at $228 from the US. If you’re originating in Europe, you can get from London to Boston or Washington DC for only £99 one way. Los Angeles can be had for only £215. 

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The Dates

For just about all these fares, travel is available from January 25th to March 14th, and then again from April 4th to April 25th. You’ll want to check your local WOW Air site for their available offers, which they make quite visible on the homepage. 

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You’ll book this deal directly on WOW Air for best pricing. Their website can be found: here.

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Expert Tips

I’ve had my eye on visiting Iceland after hearing raving stories about the Northern Lights, views of the Milky Way, unique cuisine, incredible hotels and just a real experience. I’m interested on that basis alone. The ability to book one way segments and make Iceland either a final destination or an extended stopover is incredible. For those of us wanting to visit Europe or the US for cheap, this is as low as it will go for the foreseeable future. This could also be used as an excellent position flight for some of the great Dublin or Copenhagen business class deals, which have been rampant of late. 

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