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What makes the world’s most powerful passport the most powerful passport? It’s quite simple really. A powerful passport is defined by the number of countries you can pack up and visit spontaneously, without the need for a visa in advance of travel. As new travel agreements between countries lure in the tourist boom, the list of most powerful passport keeps changing. Japan has now tied Singapore to offer the world’s most powerful passport, but the new list has a few major drops too…

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Japan and Singapore now offer 190 visa free countries out of a possible 227, which basically means you can board a flight or enter without any paperwork or online forms required in advance, like ESTA’s or ETA’s. Access to 190 visa free destinations is quite a major feat in a year where too many countries have moved to requiring an online application and fee paid before travel is allowed. Whereas Europe once dominated the visa free rankings, Asia is now firmly in control.

Finland, Germany and South Korea tie for join second place, with 188 visa free countries offered and Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg round out the podium with 187. In a not so surprising move, two countries dead set on self destruction at the moment, the UK and the USA, are now tied for 6th place with 184 countries allowing visa free travel.The UK’s Independent notes this as the lowest place either has held since 2010.

Past, Present And Future Passport Trends

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As far as movers and shakers, the United Arab Emirates enjoyed the strongest gains over the recent years in the highly reputed Henley Passport Index, moving from beyond 60th place just years ago to 15th today. Albania and Taiwan have both experienced 20 place jumps, with Albania one spot off the top 50, and Taiwan now within the top 32.

Where there’s winners, there are those less fortunate, and unfortunately for Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq, they round out the list of countries with fewest visa free travel options. Those travelling on an Afghan passport presently enjoy only 25 countries where visa free travel is available. The good news is, there’s only one way to go…

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  1. Not really on subject, but I mailed in my US passport renewal application on 9/22 and I was emailed yesterday that the new passport is already on the way to me via USPS Priority mail. I used routine service. It will a little under two weeks all-in, rather than the delayed handling I have heard so much about.

  2. Usa has become pathetic laughing stock of the world. Two small countries singapore and japan are better than the usa and we haven’t accounted for the orange clown and his band of lawless Republican white men.

  3. “Dead set on destruction?” Really Gilbert? Was that necessary here? No, it really wasn’t, was it?

    Are you always such a drama queen, or is it only when you disagree with someone?

      1. If you want soulless C+P articles, other blogs are available.

        I prefer someone with a personality & an opinion…

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