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There’s a Hyatt on the Amalfi Coast?

Hotels want loyalty and we want awesome, with a side dish of convenience. Points, benefits and familiarity bring a lot to the hotel decision process, but at the end of the day, travelers ultimately want a place to get excited about, in the places they want to go. As the smallest of the “big” hotel groups, Hyatt has struggled to capture travelers in the more hard to reach parts of the world, but thanks to a brilliant new partnership, it’ll be easier than ever to stay “Hyatt”, even in the world’s coolest boutiques…

a room with a bed and a table and chairs by a windowThe Partnership

Hyatt and Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) have launched a partnership which extends the Hyatt footprint to many of the most exotic destinations and country escapes around the world. Hyatt presently offers just over 700 hotels around the world, and the Small Luxury Hotels portfolio will nearly double this offering, adding 500 potential hotels. At SLH hotels which choose to take part in the new partnership, World of Hyatt members who book via Hyatt will have the opportunity to earn points and elite status credit for stays, and also to use points to pay for stays. For people who love loyalty programs, but also prefer to really feel the terroir of a destination, by staying boutique – this is the perfect solution. SLH hotels are unique, in every sense of the word.

a town next to a body of water with Hallstatt in the backgroundEurope And Asia

500 hotels is an incredible new footprint to add, especially when you consider that a majority of these properties are spread across the most sought after destinations in Europe and Asia, where Hyatt has traditionally been lean on hotel options. For example, SLH offers more than 60 hotels in Italy alone, whereas Hyatt presently has a grand total of one. It’s not hard to see how exciting this is for World of Hyatt members looking to stay brand loyal, while enjoying new destinations. For points savvy travelers, there’s also potential to unlock great new value for your World Of Hyatt points.

a long hallway with lights and a carpetOfficial Dates

The future is near. Hyatt and SLH are targeting the end of 2018 as the official launch date for the new partnership. World of Hyatt members can expect the programs to be integrated around this time, with the ability to earn elite status, points as well as redeem for free nights. Until then, it’s worth browsing through SLH collection to see which hotels you’ll hope join the party!

Are you excited about the new Hyatt x SLH partnership?

Featured image courtesy of Canaves Oia Santorini, a part of SLH.

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  1. Any idea about elite benefits at SLH hotels? Also, any word on whether Hyatt Prive would work as well? Thanks!

    1. Sadly almost all of this is a mystery at this point. There definitely will be elite benefits, tie ins to the existing SLH scheme, but as far as working mechanisms I don’t think much of that has been ironed out of yet. Will be curious to see it all put together in Dec/Jan! Great new footprint though!

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