No matter what’s going on down below, the world always looks beautiful from up above. But if you’ve ever been on a plane, or rather, on the wrong side of the plane, you may have noticed that the world can be a lot more beautiful on one side than the other. Yep, half the plane is going to get a great view, while the other half may miss out.

We combined our knowledge of the best side of the plane to sit for amazing skyline and other iconic views, with the knowledge of our venerable Facebook group, and can now offer a lovely master guide of which side of the plane to sit on, for the best views of your favorite cities. And just to be clear, Left means it’s best to sit in airline seats A, and Right means K airline seats, or the closest equivalent..

Editorial Note: with all airports, approaches are based on wind. While these are the best practices, as agreed by countless frequent travellers, wind conditions may mean that you could still end up on the wrong side. But you probably won’t…

New York LaGuardia LGA - Left Side

Approaches into LaGuardia from South, West or just about anywhere else often involve a flight along the East River. That means spectators on the left side of the plane will be virtually directly above the iconic Manhattan skyline, with the perfect angle to grab a snap, just like the one above. If you want to take it to the next level, plan for a sunset landing.