Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii isn’t a one time destination. It’s a place return to over and over again because the feelings, vibes and sunsets are just off the charts. When it comes to your hard earned travel dollars, off the charts enjoyment is good. There are flight deals right now which get you to the good vibes of Hawaii on the cheap, starting at $293 round trip.

St. Regis Kauai

The Hawaii Flight Deals

Top airlines like Alaska, Hawaiian, American, Delta and United are locked in a fiercely competitive battle to win Hawaii and that’s leading to amazing prices. Flights which were over $500 only a year ago are now going consistently lower, and occasionally even dropping into the high $200’s That’s simply remarkable. You can jet off at super low prices from: San Diego, Oakland, Seattle and Las Vegas.

The Dates You Can Jet To Hawaii

Hawaii in March is one of the best times to avoid the peak crowds of April, while also enjoying idyllic temperatures. It averages around 75-80F around this time of year. These deals are wide open in February and March, and some even extend into April.

How To Book Your Hawaii Flight Steals

While the going is cheap, get going! We’ve put together all the best flight deals to Hawaii, which take you directly to the best prices. All you’ll need to do is play around with dates on Google Flights, looking for days in “green” which means the lowest price. Here are the best round trip deals, like…

These deals don’t typically include a checked bag, unless you happen to have the credit card of the airline you’re flying (learn more). All these deals do however include a full sized carry on bag, so be sure to read how to pack your carry on, in case that’s an issue for you. No judgement ; )

Go forth! Hawaii awaits.

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  1. Wow this is awesome. I have heard lots of things about Hawaii and i hope to visit the country soon.

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