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Repeat: not a joke…

Walkers, one of Britain’s leading crisps companies has come up with a sensational way to market their latest Sensations range of crisps, aka potato chips to non Brits. To celebrate their new internationally inspired flavours, the company has created a pop up online travel agency, offering 100, $1.99 flights to places all over the world, including Italy, the USA and Thailand. It’s as bonkers as it sounds, but it’s also as awesome as it sounds. Here’s how to take a bite out of this amazing promo…

a man selling food at a street marketThree Thursdays

Today, at 7PM BST, Walkers will release 50 tickets to Bologna, Italy for £1.99. That doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck on Ryanair, either. The next Thursday, it’s Bangkok, also for £1.99 and the Thursday after that, it’s New Orleans for £1.99 as well. Wondering why they didn’t just make it “free”? Because £1.99 is exactly how much a pack of Walkers Sensations costs.

You just need to go to: SensationsGlobalTravel.com and register with name, email and tele. Just note, you’ll need to enter again for each of the three offers, not just one and done.

Sunset aerial view through airplane window over wings. Flying at sunset and looking out of the window and enjoying the panoramic view. Travel and transportation conceptsHere’s The Cool Thing

While there will only be 50 tickets sold to Bologna, 25 to Bangkok and 25 to New Orleans, the lucky winners who are refreshing their browsers like mad around 7-8PM each entry week will get a budget to spend rather than an assigned flight, and can travel when they want effectively.

For Bologna the budget is any one return flight up to £220, for Bangkok it’s £650 and for New Orleans it’s £600. With that budget, you could fly a five star airline, and perhaps if you’re really lucky – even premium economy. The flights must be booked a month in advance and for travel before 28 February 2020, but that should be easy enough to work. Here’s the T&C’s.

According to Walkers, they came up with this clever viral marketing campaign for their new internationally inspired crisps after it was revealed that over 50% of the public finds money as the major factor that keeps them from travelling, and 79% of millennials would rather spend money on experiences than on a home or car. If you win the £1.99 flights, you may be able to afford both…

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