As an incredibly lazy person, I love collecting miles for doing virtually nothing. If you can muster up the energy to type in a friends email address, you too can collect a hefty, uncapped sum of miles without lifting anything but a finger. This is a potentially incredible way to earn miles for upgrades, award flights and more without leaving your bed, let alone your house.

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It’s simple, login to your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account here, invite a friend to join the club and when they join the Flying Club (for free) and fly on Virgin Atlantic (not free), you will earn between 2,000 and 10,000 miles per person! Because there are few better incentives than free stuff for everyone, your friend will get 3,000 bonus miles for their first flight thanks to your referral. Considering a one way upgrade costs as little as 10,000 miles, this can be incredibly lucrative. You will earn 2,000 miles if your referral takes an Economy flight, 5,000 for Premium and 10,000 for Upper Class, so if you know any big spenders, hit them up first! 

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I for one am thrilled that this is uncapped. If you had ten friends who planned to take an Upper Class flight, you would have 100,000 miles. I think Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy is an excellent product offering benefits on the ground and in the air, and at 5,000 per referral, this could be a great niche for many of us. Take advantage and get those sign ups going HERE.

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