You never get anything in life if you don’t ask; and travel is one area where you don’t really get much of anything, without paying for it. The exception to paying for first class luxury perks, is to earn elite status, where perks are granted and fees are waived, just for being a special flyer. Virgin Atlantic doesn’t publicly grant status matches or challenges, but they absolutely do…

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The Offer

Virgin Atlantic are cleverly and quietly offering instant Silver or GOLD elite status for customers from competing airlines, with a fast track to keep their highest tier, Gold for the next year after gaining just 1000 tier points. Essentially, you are granted Silver, or Gold, based on your current status (think BA Silver gets Silver, BA Gold gets Gold) which generally requires a ton of flying in a year, right away for nothing. Let’s not forget the Delta benefits as well…

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Who’s Eligible?

To take advantage, you’ll need to currently have status with another airline such as British Airways, Jet Airways, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, United and South Africa the higher the better, but anything medium tier or better should work. Virgin Atlantic additionally asks that you have an upcoming flight booked with them so if you don’t currently, but are interested in this opportunity, book a flight in Premium economy or Upper Class before you email to hit all the right boxes. (You could even just put a reservation on hold, most likely). You’ll also need to make a copy of a mileage statement from your current account, so they can look at your routes, though it shouldn’t affect your outcome.

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How To Match

“In order to begin this application, please email the following information to me: – Details of your forthcoming flight (booking reference, route and date) – A PDF copy of your membership card and statement with another airline confirming your current status. – Your proposed frequency and class of travel with Virgin Atlantic. Once I have these details, I will be happy to apply instant gold or silver to your account, and a fast track for the next year. – Virgin Atlantic.

To request the match and supply the information email:  and or

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Expert Tips

This is an opportunity for instant benefits and a meaningful fast track to top benefits, including Virgin Clubhouse access on every ticket. Virgin have matched many of the Dublin fares from London, offering opportunities to get this done on the cheap in Upper Class or Premium Economy. If you have flights planned in the near future, currently have status, want more status or just want a challenge, this is an easy way to secure some of the best flying benefits around. There’s certainly no better way to spend time before a flight than in a Virgin Clubhouse! 

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