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If you’re reading this, your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles are gone, and that’s not a bad thing. You now have Virgin Points instead, in the exact same amount, and unlike those miles you had, which could be confusing from time to time, these new points no longer expire. Ever.

Virgin, as in the Virgin Group, is creating a mega currency across a variety of brands which will make it easier to earn and spend points, whether you’re flying or not. You’ve got questions, we’ve got some answers, and for today – it’s all good news.

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Virgin Flying Club Miles Are Now Virgin Points

I have points with this one thing – can they be used for this other thing? That’s a super common question when it comes to points, and the Virgin Group is aiming to make it all a lot easier, with Virgin Red – we think. For now, it means Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles will become Virgin Points, and 1 mile yesterday is 1 point today.

Yes, you can still use your Virgin Points on all the same flights and other spending partners you could yesterday, and yes, they’re all the exact same rates you had when they were Flying Club Miles. Things like using them to book flights on partner airlines or converting them into wine purchases are still totally cool, and will be.

And also, crucially, the Virgin Flying Club lives on, as do any perks you’ve earned by being Silver, or Gold. You just might have more perks, with more Virgin brands soon.

Why do you care? Fair question.

For now, we’re told the answer is because things will be better. In a good way, nothing much changes today, except a name.

With that said, rumor has it Virgin Red, the program which will run Virgin Points will tie all the elements of the Virgin Group businesses, probably, but not definitely including Virgin Money, Virgin Active, Virgin Limited Edition, Virgin Hotels and maybe even Virgin Galactic together, as a place where you earn and spend points across the entire brand. It’s not entirely a rumor, they’ve actually confirmed this.

 “Virgin Points – the new reward currency for Virgin companies – has launched today.  This is in preparation for the launch of Virgin Red, a new Virgin-wide rewards club which will be revealed soon. Unlike other loyalty programmes where points vanish, our points have no use-by-date – so no matter what life throws at our members, Virgin Points can be used whenever they want.  

“Because Virgin Points will eventually be the currency used across all of the different Virgin companies, Flying Club miles have been rebranded to Virgin Points today. This rebrand doesn’t change how existing Flying Club members can collect or spend points around the globe – except that members can relax safe in the knowledge that Virgin Points will never expire.”Kelly Best, Virgin Red Chief Marketing Officer

So like, perhaps if you bank with Virgin Money, you’ll be able to earn Virgin Points, or enjoy additional benefits because you have elite status with Virgin Atlantic. Or, if you go to space, you can earn some points which can then buy you a flight back down on earth. The gym! Maybe going to the gym will earn you points, beyond just paying for it. Make sense?

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At this point in time, Virgin is keeping shtum on the details. We tried, really. All we could sneak out was that it’s possible some of the things being speculated will take shape before the end of 2020. For now, your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles are now Virgin Points in Virgin Red, and nothing else changes. Except that they never expire.

Oh, and there’s double points for any new Virgin Atlantic flights you book, to celebrate for bookings made before October 1st. It’s all automatic in all cabins, if you book direct with Virgin for Virgin operated flights.

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