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This is a trivia night you’ll actually want in on…

There’s just nothing quite like a good English pub. Often imitated around the world, you just can’t beat the feeling of a cold pint in London town. To celebrate connecting London and the UK with the USA, Delta and Virgin Atlantic have combined to launch the ultimate pop up, a pub serving not only 230 awesome beers, but some free flights too. Tell your favorite local you’ll be away on holiday, because from August 10-19th, you’ll want to camp out at “The Joint Venture”.

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Delta and Virgin Atlantic offer access to a whopping 230 U.S. destinations, thanks to onward flights using Delta’s extensive U.S. route network. Virgin and Delta have stepped up direct flights across the pond from the UK to more and more destinations, but with this onward access, you can truly go just about anywhere. To celebrate the joint flying venture, the airlines are launching a true British staple: a pub. “The Joint Venture” will open its pub doors in London’s iconic Holborn neighborhood from August 10-19th, serving up cheap pints and even some free flights along the way.

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Duh, we just said. Virgin Atlantic and Delta will launch their pop up pub with 230 different beers on August 10th, and the pub will remain open daily from 12 noon until 11PM. Pop in for a pint from one of 230 breweries, and perhaps stay for some fun trivia. Here’s the kicker: in celebration of the 230 U.S. destinations thing, there’s a beer from each and every U.S. destination on the joint venture map. You’ll find some of the best beers in the world, like  Ruben’s Pilsner from Seattle, Six Point Sweet Action from New York, Cigar City Jai Alai IPA from Miami and SweetWater 420 from Atlanta, just to name a few headliners.

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The Joint Venture pub will be located on 33 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1BH in London. Beers will be £4 (about $6) and there will be themed night as well as pub quizzes, offering things like free flights, upgrades and more. Come for the beer, leave for the free flights to the USA.

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You’ve gotta give them credit. This is an ingenious way to celebrate an increasingly powerful network of flight option connecting the UK to the USA, and a pub is something that (just about) everyone can get behind. Even if you took away the Virgin Atlantic and Delta factor, a pop up pub with 230 unique U.S. microbrews would be reason enough for a night out in London. Of course, when you throw in the free flights, you might even find airline competition stopping in for a drink! Cheers to that.

Will you pop into The Joint Venture pop up pub?

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  1. No I will not, because as with 90% of the country I am not from London and have no interest in that s***hole.

  2. You don’t drink real British beer (ale) cold! Even in 30C weather!! Otherwise it’s soccer lout lager from the US or the Continent.

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