a group of people sitting at a table
Virgin Atlantic's 'The Booth', which will appear on leisure A350-1000 planes.

Flying can be many things, and if you’re lucky enough to be sitting in the Upper Class cabin of a Virgin Atlantic flight, it can be many wonderful things.

Among them, is now the chance to enjoy a bonafide wine tasting, or cognac tasting, in Virgin Atlantic’s cleverly designed ‘The Booth’, aboard leisure configured Airbus A350’s.

Today marks the beginning of Virgin’s new personalized meal services, and passing time on board flights should be tastier than ever.

a group of people sitting at a table
Virgin Atlantic’s ‘The Booth’, which will appear on leisure A350-1000 planes.

Virgin Launches A350 Wine & Cognac Tastings (Chocolate Too)

Virgin Atlantic has started taking delivery of its leisure configured Airbus A350’s.

These planes have a smaller business, or ‘Upper Class’ cabin than the A350’s flying to New York or Los Angeles, but the same excellent ‘Upper Class Suites’. The difference between the two planes, seat count aside is the ‘The Booth’ that replaces ‘The Loft’.

The booth is a smaller and more private space, ideal for individuals or couples and Virgin is adding its iconic touches of fun and amusement to the experience.

Guests on flights featuring ‘The Booth’ will have the opportunity to choose between wine tasting, a cognac and chocolate tasting or a “game” themed cards experience. The experiences can be enjoyed solo, or by small groups and are of course, complimentary.

Flights between London Heathrow and Orlando will be the first to experience the themed opportunities on board, and will be joined later in the year on other routes as more leisure A350’s arrive.

a table with plates of food on it

Virgin Atlantic Dining Back To Pre-Pandemic Levels

From warm scones for Eric Lanlard’s afternoon tea to crab cakes, Upper Class dining is now officially back to pre-pandemic levels, or better.

New options include superfood salads for those seeking lighter and more nutrient based options, as well as burgers for those who simply aren’t.

“We always strive to create brilliantly different experiences for our customers and the introduction of The Booth demonstrates this perfectly.  We’re famous for our on-board social spaces and The Booth elevates the customer proposition for our leisure travellers to new heights.

“Whether that’s sampling the leading English wines from The Uncommon, sipping Delamain’s signature cognac or simply enjoying a game of rummy at 38,000 feet, we’ve got something on offer to suit every one of our customers’ tastes.” Corneel Koster, Chief Customer and Operations Officer, Virgin Atlantic

An achari chicken curry will also feature, and GSTP has long been a huge backer of curry as the best in flight meal, due to decreased taste bud sensitivity in the air. You need pop, and a good curry has it.

The Full Upper Class Experience

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class has always been famous for its fun quirks, unique twists and the light hearted nature of the experience. Now, with wine and cognac tastings, that’s quite literally taking things to another altitude.

It’s great to see airlines roll back pandemic era cuts and reintroduce the “little things” which make splurging for a seat in a premium cabin so meaningful and memorable.

I’ve gotta say, I’m now looking forward to my next Upper Class flight.

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  1. I hope that this is the case, as my most recent experience last fall in the clubhouse, as well as in upper class, was that the food had gone downhill dramatically, and even the chef in the clubhouse admitted that he was being forced to order lower quality and cheaper foods.

    1. Thanks for this. I’m flying with them in May but they’re double the price of Aer Lingus for a trip in September. Makes me feel less like I’m missing out! I’d like to fly with them, of course, but can’t justify the difference. Expectations for EI lower, of course.

      1. GM,

        Logical. Airlines made air travel about price. They then must learn to deal with what happens in that environment. Delta has been able to prove a narrow revenue premium can exist, but it’s not double!

        1. It’s hard when you kind of feel loyal to them and like them, but unfortunately can’t justify that much of a price differential! Also seems like many carriers are keeping their prices VERY close to each other, so no other deals. Sigh. Would have liked to try JetBlue if they were priced right, but not paying the same as VS for no lounge or loyalty perks!

  2. Unless there are 3 starters, 4 mains, plating the mains on a proper round charger, and no more Tesco wine, this is another bloody April Fools prank.

  3. I flew on the A350 last week – it’s obviously a great new seat but it’s less fun than the old herringbone – it was difficult for the staff to serve to and did’t feel very Virgin – could have been any airline – I don’t think the suite adds anything – the doors were pretty pointless – also if you’re in the middle it’s really difficult to have a dinner with your partner as the seat angles to the aisle – much more fun to sit on the footstool! – Food was a bit of a disaster but I think they haven’t got the post-covid catering sorted – I’ll give them a chance – Club House food excellent as were the Cabin Crew.

  4. A single booth and none too spacious at that? Even in the somewhat unlikely event that this works out as planned and service is up to the task, there will be jockeying for the booth and much disappointment when people don’t get what they expect. I wouldn’t want to be the FA having to say no all the time to the people up front. “Yes, we can wake you up in the middle of your sleep so you can enjoy the booth for 45 minutes before trying to go back to sleep”. This sounds like a good idea gone awry.

    1. Think of it as a bonus other airlines haven’t bothered with. It would’ve been easier for VS to just use this as crew space or something else, but they came up with an innovative concept in a smaller cabin. This is operating to Orlando with a day fight outbound, and with a small business cabin and many people happy to just enjoy their seats, pretty much everyone will be able to get a slot.

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