a person holding a bottle of wine

From gorgeous sunsets in the sky to airport announcements, a captain’s welcome and the fizzy sound of champagne popping, these Virgin Atlantic videos have it all. Are you into ASMR?

I’m trying not to be “judge’y” here, because there’s nothing in life like the joy of stepping onto an airplane and being transported somewhere new or wonderful. It’s the best. Sadly though, it’s not an option for everyone right now.

Thanks to the weirdness and wonder of the internet, that doesn’t mean you can’t let your mind and body believe it actually is traveling, even if it’s physically laying down in your own bed, which may or may not be more comfortable than a Virgin Upper Class suite.

Apparently, millions and millions of people find their inner chi and relive joys in life, simply by popping on a video of the sights and sounds of an experience, allowing it to transport them using ASMR ‘Automated Sensory Meridian Rhythms’. Now, you can too.

Virgin Atlantic ASMR From Home

It’s the sound of ‘dings’ in the terminal as passenger announcements are played.

Or is it the buzz of the departure gate, the comfort of your own seat, the fizzle of champagne poured in a glass or that always reassuring voice on the loudspeaker, as your Captain addresses the cabin. Apparently, your body loves these comforts and simply hearing them is known to create tranquility, joy and sense of wellbeing.

Virgin Atlantic has created two ASMR videos, which brings the best sights and sounds of the air travel experience to YouTube, allowing you to light one up, sit back, relax and enjoy the joy of travel, all from home. Scientific research says your day will be better from it.

Virgin created two videos which bring the sounds and sights of a complete air travel experience, in the short form of a 3 minute video for time starved travelers, and an hour long full on journey for those who want the full flying package.

a person holding a bottle of wine

The videos are meant to elicit feelings of wonder, positive memory and excitement, reminding travelers what awaits them as restrictions lift and travel lifts off again. It’s kinda like that Instagram video of the guy using his washing machine as an airplane window, but so much better.

If this ASMR stuff, which by the way, has nothing to do with sex fetishes despite the catchy acronym; is all a bit new and slightly confusing, take it from Dr. Giulia Poerio, a psychology lecturer, who explains the concept…

“Scientific research supports claims that ASMR is something that can make people feel relaxed. People with ASMR show significant reductions in their heart rates when watching ASMR videos, reductions comparable to other more well-established stress alleviating techniques such as mindfulness and music therapy.

We now have more objective evidence that ASMR is relaxing (it’s not just people telling us that ASMR makes them feel relaxed – their physiology is telling us the same thing too). ASMR videos allow people to experience the feeling ‘on demand’ and with greater longevity and intensity. This has meant that people use ASMR videos for insomnia, to reduce stress and anxiety and even to provide relief from loneliness. It’s perhaps no surprise then that many have turned to ASMR content so much during the pandemic.  Dr. Giulia Poerio, Psychology Lecturer, University of Essex

Basically, Virgin Atlantic has got you covered with 3 minutes of travel peace and joy, or a full hour of the Virgin Atlantic flying experience and you can enjoy it all from home on your television, laptop or mobile phone. It’s free too.

Perhaps tonight is the night to grab a bottle of bubbly, a well plated meal and a cozy bed and just let the TV do the talking. You won’t officially be able to join any altitude related clubs, but you can always pretend, unlike on the actual plane!

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