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All told, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club members have now received two years of status, voucher, Clubhouse pass and other perk extensions.

Today, Virgin Atlantic announced another 6 months of Flying Club status extensions, primarily due to key long haul flying routes from the UK, such as the USA, remaining inexplicably closed to UK and EU visitors.

Although members would undoubtedly rather be flying, it’s great news, meaning any hard earned benefits or vouchers will maintain their value for longer.

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Virgin Atlantic Status Extension

Virgin Atlantic has extended elite status, Clubhouse lounge vouchers and companion vouchers earned from credit cards for an additional 6 months. With the extra 6 tacked on, the moves represent a total of two years extended.

Confused? Whenever your status, vouchers or clubhouse passes were set to expire, they’ll now expire 6 months later. In total, they’ve been extended by two years.

My God it’s really been that long. What did we all do for the last two years?

Gold & Silver tier extension  

Gold and silver members need to earn 1000 tier points (Gold) and 400 tier points (Silver) to maintain their status for another year.

These members will have an additional six months added to their membership year to ensure they have extra time to achieve the required tier points.  Members can login to their Flying Club account online to see how many tier points they have and the new end date of their membership year. 

Voucher extension 

Our Flying Club members earn various rewards throughout the year  will be extended further, to a total of years for customers to redeem them, which will already show in members accounts. 

In a further bid to increase flexibility for its customers, Virgin Atlantic offers unlimited free date and flight changes for new bookings as part of a series of enhancements to give further flexibility to customers and support their future travel plans. Alongside the improved policy, the rebooking horizon has been extended for all customers  until 30 April 2023, giving a broader window of time to reschedule plans if needed.   Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic used the last two years to make some welcome changes to the Flying Club program, including allowing members to earn tier points toward elite status even when booking a flight using miles. In other words, you’re not being punished for your loyalty.

Companion vouchers also got more flexible. Instead of needing to use miles for a companion voucher, they can now be used on cash tickets too. You have the choice, and if you want to find a great deal and have a friend join by just paying the taxes, that’s possible too.

Gold and Silver members can even book discount upper class tickets and have a companion join, just for the cost of taxes. It’s a key reason my family signed up for the UK Virgin Atlantic Rewards+ Card this year.

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Virgin Atlantic’s ‘The Booth’, which will appear on leisure A350-1000 planes.

More Extensions To Come?

Two years seems like a lot, but most UK Flying Club members didn’t manage any travel at all during these times, or very little long haul if they did. British Airways will now be forced to weigh another extension, after the Virgin Atlantic move.

Ultimately, it’s good news for Flying Club members, voucher holders and and anyone with perks set to expire. Who knows, maybe there’s more to come.

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