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By far, the most exciting word in travel is upgrade. Is there ever a bad one? I think not. Knowing that people want them, but remain on the fence about booking travel, Virgin Atlantic is creating serious FOMO – aka a fear of missing out – with its latest “deals of the day” offer.

If you book a Virgin Atlantic flight today, you’re in for a chance to win one of 150 flight upgrades, including upgrades to Upper Class. Obviously, you’ve got questions, so here is everything we know about this exciting opportunity to bag the closest thing to a free upgrade, without any of the “whisper two words” bull$#!t.

a interior of a plane with rows of seats

Virgin Atlantic Deals Of The Day

Travel is much easier now than before, and with pre-flight testing dropped as a requirement for fully vaccinated people to enter or reenter the UK, it’s a lot cheaper, too. But, there’s still confidence, and care free attitude missing.

To test the limits of how long people are willing to sit on the sidelines and watch others enjoy the unrivaled thrill of actually flying somewhere, Virgin has launched “deals of the day”, an ongoing promotion which will bring daily delights to those daring to book.

Today, Upgrades

Today, January 12th, there are 150 upgrades up for grabs, as the “deal of the day” for UK departures. Tickets starting in the US, or elsewhere, may have different offers.

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This means someone booking an economy ticket could land a complimentary upgrade into premium economy, or someone booking premium could land an upgrade into the fun and elusive Upper Class cabin, along with all the extras, like lounge access.

Flight upgrades are up for grabs for flights with travel dates from April 1st through September 30th, 2022, and it seems like even seats redeemed using points, or points plus money will count.

Looking at the terms and conditions, there are 100 economy to premium upgrades and 50 premium economy to Upper Class upgrades too. These apply to new bookings only, so using old vouchers wouldn’t be eligible. One other key point is that the flights must actually be operated. Fair enough.

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This Is Creative And Awesome

A chance to score an upgrade to a higher cabin, just for booking is a truly awesome offer, and one that — at least to me — really is a great litmus test of how long people are willing to sit on the sidelines and not book exciting future trips.

I booked flights last week, but may end up booking more today, because yeah, I too love upgrades, and there’s nothing quite like a “free” upgrade.

Even with the scale of the Virgin business, 150 bookings being upgraded is quite a lot, and I’d have to think people stand a really decent chance of scoring one through this promotion.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, let us know in the comments. You can check out the Virgin Atlantic Sales, which have all the info about how and when you’ll find out about your upgrades, if luck comes your way.

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