The new 'Retreat Suite' on the Virgin Atlantic A330neo bridges the gap between first and business.

Ok, it’s been a long time since there’s been an “insane” offer, but this counts. Virgin Atlantic is offering an opportunity to redeem points for their flights in any cabin, and get 50% of the points used back, after your flight. Points upgrades count, too.

You’ll also be able to stack upgrade and 2 for 1 vouchers on this, which is like… woah.

You’ll need to move fairly quickly to use this offer, but you can travel any time up until the end of November, so there’s lots to play with. Availability surely won’t last long, so dive in!

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Virgin 50% Points Back

It’s really simple — if you redeem your Virgin Points for a flight on Virgin Atlantic metal — aka an actual Virgin Atlantic flight — you’ll get 50% of your points back.

A 100,000 point flight would see 50,000 points returned to you, and so forth. There’s no cap, it’s valid for all cabins (yes, even Upper Class) and anyone with a Virgin Atlantic credit card can make great use of an upgrade voucher or 2 for 1, to fly even higher!

You’ll pay standard taxes and fees, but with cash prices mostly through the roof, the savings are seriously considerable. Don’t forget that you can transfer points from most US credit card programs, including Amex, Chase, Capital One and Citi into Virgin Points.

The Catch?

There’s really no catch — just a requirement.

Virgin Red is the program behind the wider Virgin Points loyalty currency, and Virgin wants you to link your Virgin Flying Club account with a Virgin Red account. It’s free to join and ridiculously easy to link the two, and you’ll need to do so to benefit from this offer.

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Virgin’s Departure Beach in Barbados

Virgin Offer: Key Dates And Details

The key detail is that your Virgin Red and Virgin Atlantic accounts must be linked before you book, and you need to book by November 7th, 2022 on a route between the US and UK, or UK and Caribbean. You can travel any time up to March 25th, 2023.

This is open to US and UK residents for travel in either direction. Points upgrades also count. So, if you book Premium Economy with cash and upgrade to Upper Class with your Virgin Points, you’ll get half the cost of the points upgrade back.

“Upgrade Rewards and Companion Rewards, including those earned on Virgin Atlantic Credit Cards, are eligible for this offer.​”

Virgin Atlantic

Go Book!

This is an amazing offer which actually is already accomplishing its goal. I was on the fence about “another” trip, but with the points savings on a 3 person booking, this is too much to pass up.

Don’t forget that Virgin Atlantic awards tier points, which earn elite status within the Virgin Flying Club program even when you use points, so this can help people achieve end of year status goals too!

Go check out the Virgin Atlantic 50% Points Back offer.

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  1. small mistake…. “you can travel any time up until the end of November” .. you need to book by nov 7, and travel by march 25th

  2. Yes it is “cheap” points wise but very expensive once you factor in the fees. I priced a ticket in J , MIA-LHR roundtrip and it was $1470 in extra fees. Hard pass from me on this “deal”

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