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“Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it, it’s great”.

There’s a term in journalism known as “earned media”. Today, the idyllic European city of Vilnius has earned its day in the sun, but perhaps not for the merits one might expect. The trending alternative to many over toured Western European cities made headlines, as tourism officials coined Vilnius the “G-spot” of Europe, and they didn’t stop there…

a city with many buildingsThe Campaign

Knowing how many signatures it takes to get anything done in the world today, it’s just hard to fathom how this one made it all the way to stylized posters, but when you think about it, it all kinda worked out in the end. Vilnius, Lithuania launched a new tourism campaign, and we kid you not, the catch phrase is “Vilnius, the G-spot of Europe”. And why stop there? The poster goes on to read “Nobody knows where it is, but once you find it – it’s amazing”. Cheers to that. And of course, in case you thought it might just be a lost in translation thing, or perhaps an innocent phrase that was misquoted, the poster offers a woman grabbing sheets in the shape of Europe. Make of that what you will. One thing is for sure: some people are outraged about the racy ad.

a woman lying on a mapFind Vilnius

Whether you find it highly inappropriate, or just highly clever, you’ve gotta give these Lithuanians some credit. This story is trending around the world today, and if people couldn’t find the G-spot before, they just might now. In this instance, it’s squeezed in between Latvia, Poland, Belarus and across the water from Sweden, and direct flights to the “G-spot of Europe” are available from Western Europe and beyond. We always advocate for people to explore the lesser toured parts of the world, and Europe is a place where you can not only save a fortune by doing so, but also see some truly epic places which haven’t graced the front pages of any pop culture magazines.

Are you more likely to visit Vilnius?

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  1. Riga is 1000% more happening , you even will find people in the streets at all hours of the day, unlike Vilnius. And if its an old town you fancy Tallin is the best!

    Vilinus is simply a small hick town w/o much going for it, at least IMO

  2. I can’t speak to Vilinius as the hot spot of Lithuania, but we had a great time in Riga between the architecture, the people, the food, and the beer.

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