Who likes waiting for a bottle of water on a plane? Though I take no pleasure from it, most of my news seems to be bad news. In reporting bad news, I’ve become very familiar with the word “enhancements”. Today I received an email from the friendly team at Virgin Atlantic announcing…. enhancements. I am very pleased to announce, that after perusing details, Virgin Atlantic are making true enhancements not the fake – take stuff away kind. As Airbus ponders how to make economy more miserable, Virgin Atlantic customers are going to see some positive changes with amenities even rivaling some lazy business class products! 

“Customers now receive a water bottle upon boarding, hot towel service to revive and refresh, personalized miniature bottles of wine and liquor, a four course complimentary meal service with the addition of a cheese and cracker platter, after dinner chocolates as well as gourmet wrap afternoon snack service.”

a group of airplanes on a wet runway

All I can say is yes. I have an affinity for Virgin Atlantic (no I don’t hate BA), because they don’t necessarily do anything overtly better than anyone, yet they make everything feel special. I was amazed the first time I flew Virgin Atlantic Economy and was handed a menu. Though I really had little choice in what I was about to eat, it felt great, I felt welcomed. These changes flow with the theme of things that cost little to nothing, but make the passenger experience feel drastically better. Who doesn’t like a hot towel service? I personally think the water bottle upon boarding is genius and now I wonder why everyone doesn’t do it. Kudos Virgin, just don’t start meddling with your frequent flier program (unless of course it’s to get rid of the terrible taxes). 

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