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It feels like only yesterday that we were mentioning some great deals on Qatar Airways. Oh how time has flown by- not! Although there were excellent fares just two days ago, we mentioned at the time that more deals were sure to be on the way- and this morning Qatar launched some of their best deals of the year from places all around the world, in celebration of the airlines 20th Anniversary…

a room with a vase of roses and people in the backgroundThe Amazing Deals Around The World…

Qatar have just launched truly fantastic deals from Europe, the U.S and Asia. Some of the key cities include: Stockholm, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Berlin, Miami, Sofia and Bali. There are deals of $1000-$1300 round trip in flat bed, award winning business class to cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Tokyo, Delhi and Shanghai, all of which we’ll list in price order. below. Unfortunately, the best prices are for two passengers traveling together. If you can’t find a travel buddy or loved one, prices will be roughly $300 more and up. We’ll add deals as we can find working examples where they are actually bookable, so keep checking throughout the day. And QATAR now allows 72 hour holds, so you can firm up plans!

The Deals You Want To Book- All Prices Per Person (All Round Trip):

With all these deals, it can absolutely be worth using miles or a cheap ticket to position yourself to these cities, since savings will still likely be in the $1000’s…

£827 ($1100) Sofia To Singapore (April, May, September 2018)

£859 ($1140)- Sofia To Shanghai (wide open)

£925 ($1232) Stockholm to Krabi (mid and late 2018)

£980 ($1316) Prague to Bangkok

£1000 ($1300) Stockholm to Singapore (wide open).

£1010 ($1344) Berlin to Bangkok (wide open later 2018 i.e. September)

£1033 (1374) Munich to Windhoek, Namibia 

£1040 ($1397) Sofia to Johannesburg (wide open mid, early 2018)

£1090 ($1450) Berlin to Johannesburg (wide open later 2018 i.e September)

£1140 Budapest to Tokyo (wide open mid 2018, inc Cherry Blossom)

£1157 Berlin or Stockholm to Cape Town (September and October 2018)

£1225 ($1630) Nice to Tokyo (March, April, May, September of 2018)

£1250 Stockholm to Auckland 

£1256 Sofia to Maldives (mid 2018)

£1340 ($1780)- Stockholm to Sydney (best avail in Nov, December, Jan, Feb)

$1350 Kuala Lumpur to London

$1750 (£1315) Ho Chi Minh City to Copenhagen

$1850 (£1397) Bali to Paris 

$2485 (£1867) Miami To Delhi (wide open 2018)

Click HERE to book. Just enter the city pairs and search for dates!

a seat in an airplaneThe Best Planes To Choose

We’ve flown every Qatar Airways plane, and in order would rate them: A350, A380, 787, 777, A330, A340. The 777 with QSuites would jump to number two, but we still think the A350 offers the least jet lag and best “happy medium seat”. Here’s a review of the A350 and the A380.

a black leather strap on a cardBig Mileage & Status Earning

If you use a British Airways frequent flyer number for these flights, you’ll earn 560 tier points, which are the points that get you close to elite status. You’d need four British Airways flown segments to actually get your Silver status, but if you do- you’ll have lounge access and other fantastic benefits for more than a year.

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  1. I wish sites would stop pushing the Sofia flight. It’s on a old regional A320 and not a standard Qatar experience.

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