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There are some cities you visit where once is enough. You’re glad to have seen it, but ultimately – happy to move on. London is like the opposite of that. It’s a city where it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been, there’s always something new and fabulous to explore. Frankly, there’s never been a better time to, either. Major airlines have round trip flights under $375, which is seriously tempting.

a group of red telephone boothsThe London Flight Deals

As the United Kingdom climbs the world tourism rankings thanks to Royal babies, great pints and an increasing amount of sunny weather, every airline is keen to get in on the action to bring you there. Fortunately, that usually means one word: SALE! There’s no better way to fill planes up than to offer ridiculously cheap fares, and now a variety of major airlines are lining up with just that: cheap deals.

There are flights from US gateways starting at just $325 round trip, which means this is the year to finally have a picnic in Hyde Park, or just a pint in a classic pub. Oh, and as an exciting side note, US citizens can now use the speedy e-passport gates at immigration to get into town faster.

You can depart from cities including: New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami, Orlando, and Denver all under $400 round trip. That’s a pretty hot deal…

a close up of a passportThe Dates You Can Travel

Each departure city will offer slightly different dates, but generally speaking these hot flight deals are available from August 2019 thru to April or May of 2020. You’ll find the usual blackout dates around December holidays, but for the most part that’s it!

A trip of three nights or more is usually all you need to lock in the lowest price, which makes this a fun way to burn only one vacation day, or use a public holiday to  have an amazing London trip.

a group of people sitting on a benchHow To Book London And Jet Off

Enough chit-chat, you’re still here reading because you want to book. We got you. These flight deals are easy to find on Google Flights, but tend to be even cheaper on Skyscanner, so it’s worth a peek at both. Here’s the lowest prices we found from each city, like…

Travel is far more than just getting there. We want to make your destination as enjoyable as your journey, so here’s a list of tourist mistakes to avoid in London, and a few great things to do while you’re there, like afternoon tea, or The Tide, the cool new park like The High Line in New York. It’s only one of the best cities on earth, no big deal. Enjoy!

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  1. You can find a lot of similarly- (and even lower-) priced open-jaws as well. Keep it under 650 miles for a cheap BA award from one to the other. Just make sure you check award availability, and consider booking that at the same time.

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