It only took one meals years ago when you were a kid to get sold on the dream of Italy. For most people it starts with a simple plata of pasta, or a delicious slice of pizza, but as you grow up, check your Instagram constantly and see the world – you realize that aside from heavenly food (and wine), Italy is just too beautiful to miss. If you don’t want to, these flight deals from $247 round trip on major airlines are an amazing way to try it out for yourself…

a motorcycle parked on a narrow streetThe Cheap Flights To Italy

It wouldn’t be a challenge to spend $285 on a plane ticket within the USA, so spending anywhere near that for one to Italy and back is pretty dreamy. If you’ve dreamt of visiting Rome, Venice or Milan these flight deals bring you there at prices that are hard to believe – yet are totally true. The best offers are available from: New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

You wont’ get a checked bag on the lowest fares, but you get a full sized carry on and a personal item, which gives you a lot to work with. Here’s how to pack properly, and here’s how to maximize your personal item to bring heaps of stuff with you : )

a man riding a motorcycle in front of a large stone buildingThe Dates You Can Travel

Prices for each city will vary slightly from month to month, but for the most part – these great offers are available starting in September of 2019, but really come to full life in Spring 2020, which gives you just enough time to plan your Italy trip.

To lock in the absolute lowest fares, these deals typically require a 5-6 night stay in Italy, but shorter won’t change the price much and longer is totally fine too.

italyHow To Book These Amazing Flights

I can’t lie – I never thought I’d see a day when Italy would be under $250 round trip from the USA, but here we are – and no one is complaining! We’ve made links which take you directly to the best deals from each city. In some cases, it could be worth using a few credit card points or airline miles to get your butt to one of these cities to take advantage of this absurdly good pricing. Just click the links, change the dates and play around, like…

Since we want to be your favourite blog, here are a few tips for how to have the best time in Rome. This is the kind of trip you never forget, and at this price – your wallet will be as happy as your mind. Oh, and cheap wine is everywhere in Italy – and delicious!

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