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If you rattle your coat hangers, there’s a decent chance you’ll find at least 5,000 frequent flyer miles hiding somewhere. That’s handy, because that’s all you need to fly within the USA right now. Both American Airlines and Delta are offering flash deals using points, and that means for five bucks and some change, and 5,000 miles, you can go somewhere cool.

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If you’ve got Amex Points, American Airlines Miles or Delta SkyMiles, you can jet around the US right now for a mere $5.60 and 5,000 miles one way. That’s just 10,000 points round trip, even for some transcontinental flights. That’s a seriously cool – and lucrative – way to travel, allowing you to tick off a few cities without hardly reaching into your points or cash wallet.

So which cities are available? Most, and the offers are pretty easy to find.

American Airlines offers an easy to use award map, where you can plug in your departure city, leave the “where to” field blank and see what’s out there. You’ll find great opportunities from virtually all US gateways American serves. View From The Wing found circa 90 cities available. To get thgse

Delta has their own version with SkyMiles Flash Deals, and those are more spelled out. There are great offers like New York to Charleston, South Carolina for 10,000 miles and $5.60 round trip, or Los Angeles to Austin for 15,000 which is a total bargain. One way flights are fine, and you can check out all the deals here.

American Airlines A321 First ClassInternational Business Class Too!

Delta cracked things off last week with a flash SkyMiles Sale offering Tokyo in business class for 98,000 Points Round Trip. American is doing their own business class offers now, with round trip flights to Europe in business class from most major US gateways starting at 85,000 miles round trip. Taxes and fees are around $150-$300 round trip, depending on the destination.

Some combos we’re seeing for travel between now and August includes…

  • Los Angeles – London for 100,000 American Airlines Miles. 
  • New York -Paris for 85,000 American Airlines Miles. 
  • Seattle – London for 100,000 American Airlines Miles.

Boston, Dallas and many other cities are also up for grabs on both ends in the USA and Europe. You can book one way tickets as well. These offers will show up when you search on AA.com, which is the only place these lower priced offers can be found. You’re saving around 10,000 miles in each direction, which is handy.

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