sunrise Parc Guell designed by Antoni Gaudi located on Carmel Hill, bench covered with tile-shard mosaic, Barcelona, Spain.
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Isn’t life better with something to look forward to? Europe is wonderful any time of year, and right now the dream of seeing it can become a reality for $168-$188 round trip. That’s right, these may be the cheapest fares ever intentionally launched for travel to Europe, and if you need something to plan and get excited about, 2021 travel seems very reasonable.

And before you ask, yes, Europe is definitely looking to be fully open for visitors by 2021, with many countries opening this summer, and even more by fall and autumn.

a large building with towers and a body of waterThe Flight Deals

TAP Portugal is a leading Star Alliance airline which even allows free stopovers in Lisbon or Porto, in case you want to create a 2 in 1 trip. The airline has launched incredible $1 plus taxes and fees round trip fares,found by View From the Wing, and that’s worth getting really excited about.

The best deals are from New York or Boston to Barcelona, and the prices are all in, round trip! Miami, Los Angeles and more are also available under $300.

Can we all agree that the world could use a little something to get excited about right now?

Seeing the delights of Barcelona for under $200 round trip is definitely something to brighten any calendar and these deals are available late into 2020, and even into 2021 for those more pessimistic about a return to travel.

a white airplane in the skyThe Dates You Can Travel

These are simply outstanding deals, which allow for departures from the USA any day of the week, with the exception of a Saturday. The fares pop up as early as November and now last through to April.

A Saturday night stay in Europe is the only stay requirement, so even a buzzing long weekend is possible. Forget burning vacation days! You can find these deals on Google Flights with ease, but you’ll find lower prices on your favorite online travel agents.

How To Book These Stunning Deals

Don’t forget to learn about TAP’s brilliant free stopover’ program, which allows you to book flights at these prices, but stop in Lisbon or Porto on your way out, or your way back for up to 5 days for no additional airfare. One day, two days, all fine. You just need to find somewhere to crash and sleep off the Pasteis De Nata.

Skyscanner has the lowest prices on these fares, particularly for travel out of New York, which brings the price from the $188 listed on Google Flights to a mere $168 all in. That’s mind blogging, and a road trip in your car may cost more. Here’s example links to get you in the right direction, like…

Connectivity in Spain is particularly easy, and side trips from Barcelona can be incredibly endearing and worthwhile. You just can’t beat country getaways to Girona and nearby areas. A drive from Madrid to Barcelona is typically under 5 hours, which gives you a chance to compare the two. It’s tough to beat Madrid, but there’s only one way for you to decide for yourself…

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  1. I think mid to late summer 2020 (yes, this summer), is going to be even busier than everyone thinks.

    And 2021 could be just epic with all the deals.

    I’m seeing signs everywhere that people are sick of being told what to do – and are booking travel. It looks like many airlines are really putting in a significant more number of routes and planes in July going forward.

    I bet everyone will forget social distancing and all these other silly ‘window dressing’ terms pretty quickly. It will be great to see things get back to normal quickly!

    I’m seeing it at the airport every week, and the hotels and car rental places. The tidal wave of travel is starting gang. Hopefully in 6-8 more weeks, it’s HERE!

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