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The writing has been on the walls for more than a year now, but doomsday may finally be here. Selfies are at the center of it.

A variety of US National Parks are giving into the never ending craze of “selfies”, and to stop people from quite literally dying in pursuit of the perfect “selfie”, national parks are beginning to create new, dedicated selfie stations to keep people safe.

The idiots have officially won.

National Park Selfie Stations

Photographers have a new issue to contend with in US National Parks, or will soon. Those idyllic vantage points they’ve used for years, may have some rather unsightly things to keep out of frame, as “selfie” stations are created.

The stations come in response to a growing number of deaths by tourists going to ridiculous lengths to secure the “perfect” shot amid overcrowding in parks.

According to T&L, some parks even began suggesting that locals stop geotagging photos, to keep hordes of oblivious tourists away from some of the most beautiful, but treacherous national park paths.

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Many National Parks closed during covid-19, or created reservation systems to limit numbers and help with visitor safety, but crowds and increasingly risky behavior have not stopped a bit.

With people encouraged to be outdoors and international travel options remaining too complicated for many, National Parks are inundated.

Apparently – many, from Shenandoah to Zion are working on areas to address selfies, which create bottlenecks on trails, as well as dangerous situations. If trends are to be believed, expect to see selfie stations at most US parks over the next few years.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking photos to commemorate a trip, or capture a special vantage point, but selfie crazed tourists have simply taken things too far. The craze has created risk not just for the selfie takers, but anyone in their way, if they lose balance.

In the end, these selfie stations may sound like the death of common sense, but they may save lives. Just be sure to crop them out of any beautiful photos.

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