Binomo is astounding. It’s an entirely untouched, undiscovered island in the South China Sea, with no signs of litter, debris or man made ruin. Rumors have circulated for hours about the island, including rumors that Dom Perignon flows freely along it’s endlessly sandy beaches. On top of that, hotels are less than $1 per night. The only issue is getting there – and all passport issues aside, that may prove challenging.

a person holding a bottle of wineNikki Haley is the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, appointed to the role by President Trump. She’s arguably one of the most powerful people in the international community and chiefly responsible for liaising with world leaders and world issues on a daily basis. Now – I don’t want to be crass – but if someone asked if I’ve been to Binomo, I’d have to humbly say “no, I’ve honestly never even heard of it”. While that would be embarrassing for me, a semi well known travel journalist – it might be even worse for someone at the forefront of the world stage.

a group of beds with candles on a beach

So Nikki Haley went a different way. A team of Russian pranksters pretending to be the Polish Prime Minister (how does that happen?!) received 20 minutes of phone time with Mrs. Haley. They chose to use their time to confront Mrs. Haley about the unrest and independence issues of Binomo. By now, hopefully you understand that Binomo is fictional. It never existed, and unless Richard Branson buys another island – will likely never exist. Nonetheless, Mrs. Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the (World) acknowledged Binomo. Furthermore, she mentioned that the United States is closely monitoring their situation. We hope it works out well for them. And Tinker Bell, Mary Poppins, Mickey Mouse and all the other fictional things in the world.

Featured image: Martinique

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  1. You laugh at nikki and the trump administration now but what happens when there is a dom perignon shortage? Another bowling green massacre.

  2. Russians making a politician look silly… doesn’t that undermine our democracy? This must mean that the Democrats are colluding with Russia!

  3. This reminds me so much of the Sarah Palin debacle when a pair of Quebecois shock jocks called her pretending to be the prime minister of France. They even made reference to a porn movie that was referred to as Nailin’ Palin. The best part about it was that Nicolas Sarkozy did not speak English. Deja Vu.

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