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We’re not saying these places aren’t already popular – but once they become official UNESCO World Heritage sites, tourism is going to boom like never before.

Like the Michelin Guide to dining, UNESCO helps point the world to its most enviable and worthwhile cities and attractions. That list, which according to the Telegraph already includes 1,092 options is about to get bigger next week, as the UNESCO team meets to establish the honours for 2019. With quite a few of names surprisingly not yet on the list, now is the time to see them before they make it…

a blue ice cave with rocks and a rocky ground

Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland

Iceland is crazy popular already, but if you can hit it in shoulder season there’s still plenty of room. The glacier, which is about 4 hours away from Reykjavik by car is a true standout amongst tourist attractions, in part because it’s so vast, so blue and so unlike anything else you’ll see. The fact that it’s four hours outside of where most people land also kinda helps. Visit in September to beat the crowds and enjoy lovable weather.

Grossglockner Alpine Road, Austria

For any Sound of Music fans, you can start your tour of this incredible Alpine road pass in Salzburg before enjoying 43km of jaw dropping views. Just make sure at least someone is watching the road. Built in 1935, this is one of the coolest things to do during the hot summer months from May thru September. It’s so good, you’ll be happy to drive back to Salzburg to drop your car back off…

a wall on a hill with a city in the backgroundJaipur, India

That’s right – the whole city! Jaipur is home to more palaces per capita than any other destination in India and is easily one of the best places to get a feel for life outside of typical tourist jaunts like Delhi and Mumbai. The city is idyllic from October thru March and there’s no shortage of inspired five star hotels at borderline budget prices. This will definitely gain popularity soon, so go sooner!

Bagan, Myanmar

Some of the world’s greatest sites are bigger than countries, borders or current affairs and Bagan is one of them. Despite government injustice effecting Myanmar today, a trip to Bagan is something that rivals any other top worldly experience, so it’s best to get there before it gets even more attention. As smoke hits the air during the sunrise the iconic pagodas take on new light and hot air balloons create something that’s hard to put into words. With weather in the high 80°’s Fahrenheit but dry from November thru early March, it’s an absolutely ideal winter travel destination.

a green hills with rows of vines and housesProsecco, Italy

How this isn’t stop number one for tourists to Italy eludes logic, but it soon might be. With stunning valleys and thirst quenching bubbles, Prosecco is seeking to become a UNESCO World Heritage listed area this year. If you’re smart, you’ll hop on a plane to Venice ASAP, avoid the summer crowds there and head to the cooling mountain ranges of prosecco – and bring a boatload back with you. With all this new attention, prices are bound to go up! Might we suggest Valdobbiadene?


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