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You’ll never guess what it’s called…

In true dark, brooding Scandinavian TV crime thriller fashion, Europe’s very first underwater restaurant will aptly be called “Under”. It looks absolutely stunning. Plans were announced in 2017 to much excitement, but plans just aren’t as fun to travelers as seeing and touching – let alone eating. Thankfully the wait is now over, at least for planning purposes. Want to dine under the sea? Get your name and phone number ready, because “Under” is taking reservations…

a large rock in the waterUnder

Under’s doors, which are thankfully above water have yet to fling open, yet it’s already one of the most sought after restaurants on the planet. Build it, and they will come? With three levels just dripping of chic design, the space instantly inspires wonder, which is coincidentally what “Under” means in Norwegian. The three levels including a champagne bar looking over the entire scene, and the crown jewel – the bottom floor restaurant. Snøhetta, the famous Norwegian architecture firm is in charge of design. Celebrated chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard, formerly of the beloved Måltid restaurant will serve as head chef and bring the culinary wonder. Chef Nicolai cites a unique forthcoming dining experience, with ingredients sourced from the woods, the beach and naturally, the sea. Think Nordic, think beautiful – and think expensive.

a restaurant with tables and chairs under waterOpen

Under will open to diners in April 2019, and within mere hours of turning on the system, many dates are waitlist only. You can make reservations here. For those wondering, “no swimwear is required, and neither is formalwear”, according to their website. Apparently, there’s no shortage of people with 3.5 hours to dine and money to spend when an underwater dining experience is on offer in the South of Norway. Speaking of which, Under will be located in Lindenes, Norway. The city is roughly 1.5 hours from the nearest airport Kristiansand (KRS). Lindenes features the Sea Hotel, for anyone hoping to make a quick dash to bed! Apparently, the restaurant will be worth the trip alone.

Featured images courtesy of Snøhetta.

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