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The wait is almost over, kind of…

Just in time for cyber week and holiday shopping, Curve is jumping back into the Amex game. The beloved digital payment card allows travelers to add all their cards onto one card, switching between options using the simple app, all while swerving foreign transaction fees. After teasing, waiting and playfully driving Curve cardholders crazy, the company has now confirmed Curve’s return of Amex card acceptance, starting next week.

The Return

Curve is making its triumphant return to American Express acceptance more painful than many travelers would prefer. The company says it has selected beta testers from its user base to run initial Amex trials next week, before Amex returns to all Curve users in the weeks thereafter. Why not just privately test beta users, and then make an official announcement that everyone can take advantage of? Nonetheless, Amex is returning before the months end.

a cellphone and a credit cardMore Details To Come

Curve promises a blog post next week with full details, which will be found here. From Curve’s coy responses on Twitter, it seems there could be a few changes. Curve refused comment on whether any fees would be added for Amex acceptance, and this “all will be revealed” approach suggests that a small fee is likely, at least for those who hope to run a high transaction volume with American Express. Reading a Twitter thread is always one of the most interesting ways to learn, and this thread made two things clear: everyone wants Amex now, and everyone wants Apple Pay acceptance too. If a third wish is possible, everyone would really like cool looking metal Curve cards too. Lets just start with a swift all user Amex rollout. If you didn’t receive a beta tester email already, you’re apparently not on the team.

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  1. Wasn’t a fan of them hyping up the AMEX launch… Then telling customers on Twitter they’ll be able to add their cards in November.. then saying they’ll only accept beta testers that they’ve picked themselves rather than choosing folks who’ve told them they’re interested…
    AMEX acceptance was the only reason I signed up for Curve… Can’t say I’m too impressed with their PR management so far 🤔

  2. Still doing promo for curve?? A card that never arrives and where you get worse position in the waiting line as longer you wait…

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