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It’s virtually impossible to feel fresh after 12 hours of alert driving. In fact, some would argue, it’s impossible to drive for 12 hours in a fully alert state to begin with. Which begs the question: is it safe to transport passengers, without rest requirements. Despite being a “use anytime” app, Uber has introduced driver safety requirements, limiting the amount of hours someone can actively drive for the service, before adequate rest.

New Rules

In the latest app update for drivers, Uber implemented a 12 hour maximum driving rule. After 12 hours, a driver must cease using the app for 6 hours. Of course, this could easily be bypassed by driving for another service during the six hour break, but the spirit and aim behind the new rule is meaningful. Safety for passengers, drivers and everyone else on the road matters.


The app will stop working after 12 hours on the clock. At 10 hours drivers will receive a warning – and every 30 minutes beyond that further warnings will be given. Once 12 hours has been reached, the app will not work for six hours. Drivers on long breaks in between rides will not have that time count against their clock. The app will know when a car is moving.

Safety For All

There’s something powerful about an app which allows people to make money on their time. But that need must be met by safety concerns for passengers and drivers alike. It’s great to see a policy which should not affect most drivers, while also placing safe guards on driving patterns which are proven to be detrimental to road safety. We think this is a win for everyone. And if they really think air taxis are a thing of the near future, safety will become more important than ever.


This is in line with previous roll out of similar policies for drivers in New York and London. The policy will now appear everywhere Uber is operated. So next time you hop into an Uber, you can rest a bit easier, with the notion that your driver *should* be adequately rested. Safety first, right?

How do you feel about these changes? Good for everyone?

HT: ThePointsGuy

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