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With 23 piers across London, locals and travellers alike forget just how easy it is to live by the river, and actually travel by it too. Uber’s new partnership with Thames Clipper makes that even more true, bringing the Uber app to London ferry service, and a guaranteed seat too…

Uber Boat x Thames Clipper

Uber Boat is the new Thames Clipper, and that comes with the tech upgrades many travellers would hope for. For starters, you can reserve a seat in advance, guaranteeing a ride on specific ferries. The new service will offer scheduled rides between 23 piers, allowing Londoners and visitors to traverse the city the scenic, but also speedy way.

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The big changes? Seats can now be reserved in the Uber app, and with everything digital, travellers just rock up to the pier with their phone for contactless QR code boarding. Guests can still book via Thames Clipper, or tap in, tap out via Oyster Card as well.

Uber Boats will offer an on board bar, with wine and coffee for purchase, as well as 4G mobile connections, in addition to wifi. For the time being, Uber is closing off certain seats to maintain social distancing on board.

Uber Boat has published a preliminary service time table, for journeys beginning August 3rd, 2020.

So how much? Uber states journeys begin at £4.50 one way, which although more expensive than many tube journeys, certainly isn’t a bad fare for a cruise down the Thames. For areas near the river, it could unclog congestion, and add a welcome option to otherwise underground commutes on pretty days.

For Uber, this isn’t the first aquatic, or off road excursion. The mobility company has expanded into Europe offering water taxis in popular tourism destinations, and is developing flying air taxis for future use, in addition to mopeds and other niche modes of transport for today.

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