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There’s no doubt that having elite status pays off. The free breakfasts, room upgrades, fast wifi, early check in and other perks save money and time at every turn. Thanks to a combination of offers, getting elite status in one or more hotel chains has never been easier. Here’s how to turn airline status in a lucrative hotel status and perhaps more…

a room with red couches and tablesVirgin Atlantic Status Automatically Gets Best Western Status

Best Western Diamond is a nice, albeit limited elite status. Hilton however offers a far larger and more diverse portfolio of hotels, worldwide. Thanks to the beauty of this free status grant to Best Western Diamond for being a Virgin Atlantic Gold or Platinum for being Virgin Atlantic Silver, and the magic of status matches- you can have it all. That’s right- you’ll match your complimentary Best Western Platinum or Diamond status to Hilton Gold or Diamond. Easy.

a room with a large windowHere Are The Steps To Make It Happen

If you’re a Virgin Atlantic Silver or Gold flyer, head to this page for details on how to receive your complimentary Best Western elite status. Alternately, you can submit this form. Once you have Best Western status firmly in place, you can then apply for a status match using Hilton Hotels dedicated email for matches: HHonorMyStatus@hilton.com. It never hurts to have actually stayed at a Best Western or Hilton.

a tall building with many windowsAnd Why Stop Matching There…

Sure, the wallet full of shiny elite cards looks cool, but a status match is only good if you use it. If you have use for other elite hotel statuses, due to traveling frequently between many brands, you can attempt to match your Best Western or Hilton status to other hotel chains. The website StatusMatcher.com is a great resource for seeing which chains are currently matching. Enjoy!


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