Considering we’ve put a man on the moon, we can watch live television on planes and we can book travel using a phone, there hasn’t been a whole lot of advancement in the things we take with us when we travel. Thanks to the marvel of the internet, one great can now be funded by millions, and that’s bringing some exciting new tech to travel. Whether you seek silence, disappearing luggage or the ability to plug all your electronics into something that fits into your pocket, these are the greatest travel tech inventions of 2016…

a black and white suitcase

G-RO Super All Terrain Carry On

If you’ve ever had to lift your bag over a curb this one is for you. The G-RO not only features a built in rechargeable battery to keep your electronics (including laptop) topped off on the go, a proximity sensor, a tablet stand, and ballistic nylon, it’s also centered around all terrain wheels (think Monster Truck) which fit seamlessly into the design, allowing functionality and ease on any surface. It’s the most funded KickStarter luggage start up in history, having raised over $3,00,000 and it’s shipping pre orders very soon. It’s the most impressive piece of luggage I’ve ever seen….

a poster of a hotel room

Mogics Universal Travel Power Strip

Every night the brutal power struggle begins. Phone, iPad, Macbook, 360 Camera or Regular Camera? Scratch that, I’ll now charge all of them at the same time, from one source. With the Mogics power strip, better known as the Donut, you can connect five US sockets and two USB ports, or four universal international sockets, one US socket and two USB sockets, depending on whether you’d like the donut or the bagel. The amazing new invention, which surprisingly is the only of its kind, was just successfully funded on Kickstarter, which is where you can pre order a strip right this minute!

a black rectangular object with wheels

Neit Collapsible Luggage With GPS + Scale…

Making your luggage disappear on purpose is a neat trick. Neit is an incredible piece of hard shell luggage, with the ability to collapse to something just 3” thick when not in use. It’s got a GPS tracker to make sure the airline doesn’t accidentally make your bag disappear, a self weighing scale in the handle to ensure you’re not overweight, or at least your bag isn’t, and 360* wheels for moving around with ease. The charm doesn’t stop with the bag, there’s an app which syncs to the GPS, not only allowing you to track your luggage, but maintain and monitor all travel bookings and plans in one place. Very neit!

a close up of a white and green earbuds

QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

True silence is something we rarely notice, because we rarely ever experience true silence. I love the sound of jet engines roaring, or the buzz of a city, but when rest is the order of business, regular ear plugs really don’t do the trick. The QuietOn ear plugs use active noise cancellation with passive noise reduction, combined with a battery life of 50 hours to completely crush the sound of a jet, a taxi, a noisy hotel or anything standing in the way of travel bliss.

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