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Master & Dynamic hit the mark with the MW07 Plus…

For years I’ve been frustrated as a traveler forced to bring multiple pairs of headphones on a trip, or compromise on imperfect solutions. It’s hard to trade noise cancelling on flights, but it’s also hard to trade in the comfort of in ear buds, rather than over ear, particularly when trying to sleep.

After far too much online research, and trying a few pairs which didn’t quite make the grade, I took a shot on Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Plus wireless buds, with noise cancelling and ambient listening, not to mention some of the best battery life in the game. The results are simply wonderful…

a silver metal box on a fabric surfaceMaster & Dynamic Price Point

The first step for most in search of wireless buds, including myself, is to decide on a price point.

There are lots of solid solutions under $100 which will appease the average listener, but as a former record producer, I get a little particular with the way I like things to sound and also seek a few extras like prolonged battery life, fit comfort and things which make wireless buds viable for a long haul flight, or long day of travel in general.

In the USA, these buds seem to go for circa $299 regularly, but in the UK it’s not uncommon to see the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus on sale under or around £200, a price which I snapped up. Why go for something double the price, when solid options exist? With these buds, quite a few reasons…

In the box…

In the box, you’ll find your MW07 Plus buds, 5 sizes for ear seal tips, 3 sizes for ear fit tips, a USB-C cable, the cloth case that covers the recharging case and of course, your recharging case as well. I’ve got big ears and the largest size for the ear fit was perfect for me, but the standard size worked well for my partner, and if she needed smaller, that option was there.

a box with a rectangular object in itThe instant happiness I found with this product was the reduction in bag share. By that, I mean the case which can recharge the buds up to 4 times is tiny and easily fits in my pocket, unlike my previous Bose QC35 over ear buds which took up considerable space. With noise cancelling on the MW07 Plus, I no longer need both.

a remote control and a silver caseMaster & Dynamic MW07 Plus Key Features

Four things stuck out to me when I started digging into the tech and overall package of the MW07 Plus: design, noise cancelling, “ambient mode”, and 10 hours of battery life. Starting with the least, or most important part of the equation depending on your point of view, these Master & Dynamic buds look super. There are a variety of stylish acetate covers from tortoise shell to matte black, and jazzier options as well.

a box with two brown and black earbuds a black and white earbuds in a boxOne thing I loved right away was that once paired, they pair so quickly on every subsequent opening. You pull the bud out of the charging case and immediately hear a pinging, which lasts no more than 3-5 seconds before they pair to your device. Taking them out automatically pauses, and you can use them with just one in without issue. If you leave one out for an extended period, it tends to just turn back on.

If you want to one ear it, each bud has microphone and all the same features, so it doesn’t matter which one you take out and wear solo. This was really attractive to me from the get go, particularly as I make calls while walking around the house.

Also, with an IPX5 rating, these Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus true wireless buds can withstand serious water spray, let alone a bit of sweat. Most headphones in similar price points are IPX 4, and this represents a big jump.

Ambient Mode = Awesome Mode

The next most interesting feature on the MW07 Plus is ambient mode, which I totally didn’t fully grasp when I bought the buds, but was curious to find out. Ambient mode effectively allows you to hear your surroundings around you with the press of a button, even with your music on.

wireless travel best air buds
I like the slim profile of the MW07 Plus, which are hardly noticeable in this socially distanced travel picture.

I tested this first at my local coffee spot where they know me, and were less likely to be offended. With the press of the ambient button, the built in microphones blend in outside noise into your ears, so you can actually hear someone without taking the buds out. I found this particularly useful when interacting with cabin crew during flight.

I’d seen reviews that say Sony’s WF-1000XM3 buds have better noise cancelling, but I’ve gotta say this does the trick as well as any in ears can be expected to. If Sony is indeed better, that’s great, but It’s all about the seal you get with the right sized ear tips and even flying or in transit I was never impacted by outside noise.

With longer battery life on the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus, and also the addition of better water resistance certification, those were the deciding factors for me against other models.

master-dynamic-mw07-plus-reviewMW07 Plus Performance And Comfort

For the big test, I took my Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus with me for a trip from London to Amsterdam, followed by a connection to New York.

All in, they were in for 10+ hours of rigorous noise cancelling and ambient mode use. I think they lasted a full 9 hours before they got down low, so I quickly popped them in the rechargeable case and was back to near full battery in well under an hour.

I really think these are all about the time you put into the initial setup, ensuring you get the right fit for the unique wing tips that help keep the buds in your ears, as well as the in ear tips which create a great sound seal. The buds are light, easy to take on and off and I just really never felt uncomfortable, surprisingly.

So How Do The MW07 Plus Sound?

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus really shine on clarity in the mid range, and accurate punchy bass, without frustrating distortion. It’s plenty big for any dance music or hip hop fans, but avoids being overdone and drowning out vocals or instruments with distorted tones. It’s clear, it’s sharp and it’s got enough dynamic range, thanks to the beryllium drivers.

Think of it this way: I’d say you’re hearing the music exactly as it was intended when it left Dr. Dre’s studio, or Coldplay’s. All those lovely little nuances and nuggets are noticed, and the drivers just create amazing accuracy and punch in the low as well. I hate headphones that are drowned out by ridiculous bass that sacrifices clarity, and these definitely avoid that. It’s bright and beautiful sound.

Would I Recommend These Master & Dynamic True Wireless Buds?

Yes, in a heartbeat. After trying quite a few competitors, this finally seems to be the pair with the fewest blind spots or weak points. Battery life is top 3 in the game, noise cancelling separates them from even pricier B&O buds and the sound is rich and detailed. I hear layers with the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus I haven’t heard in a while, which is fun for audiophiles.

I think the stylish features coupled with the real emphasis on comfort makes these a real winner and I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier with a purchase, where I instantly feel that they’re worth it.

If they continue to function as they do now, I won’t be in the market again for another pair for quite a while. With the ability to get four charges wirelessly from the small case, I can’t think of any trip I’d take where they wouldn’t pass the test.

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  1. Terrible Earbuds. Apple AirPodsPro blow those away. I’m a singer. Expensive waste of money. Cheap overpriced plastic

    1. On what singular metric do Apple AirPodsPro blow these away? That’s wonderful that you’re a singer, bit without knowing whether you are one best left in the shower, or one meant for Glastonbury, I can’t just take your word for it without you specifying why the AirPodsPro are better. I have tried both…

      1. Yeah Slip….Is it Slip in the shower or Slipping in mud at Glastonbury? and Gilbert buddy LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts on Travel ( Planes, Places and stays ) But Products placing ?
        Thanks anyways for your travel blog.

        1. Hey Michael, thanks! We’ve always covered tech and gear from phone cameras to audio, and I did have a long career in music prior to this. I felt it would be relevant. I paid full price for my buds, so I think it’s fair game. Thanks for the kind words either way.


    1. I don’t! In general, I love the sound more than virtually any other, but lack of noise cancelling and charging limitations frustrated me. Will do one shortly..

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